Monday, September 14, 2020


I recently finished the machine quilting as well as the binding on this quilt, Pineapple nine patch that I showed in my July 11 post (when I finished the top).  This is a quilt that I started about 5 years ago after seeing some quilts of this same pattern made by Nana Girl.  She teaches this quilt in Pensacola, Florida.  When I saw the quilts she made with this pattern, I was inspired to make one - too bad it took me so long to do it!

It really doesn't look like a nine-patch, does it?  Well, it is a very complicated nine-patch and maybe you can see the block in this picture.  The center of the 9-patch is the hour glass block.  Each of the side blocks have 4 rows of strips and the 4 corners contain one of the triangles that make up the pin wheel.  So each pinwheel is part of a different 9-patch block.  If that doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry about it.  Each of the 9-patch blocks contains 80 pieces of fabric!

Some other projects that I have finished is this apron made with Loralie's Happy Nurse fabric.  I found some of Loralie's fabric at a thrift shop and will be making a few items to sell from it.

This table runner is based on the Cabin Corner pattern from Jo Morton's book.  The pattern in the book is for a square quilt and I changed it a little to make it into a table runner.

Since my friend and I have at least Holiday 2 craft shows lined up, I am also making a few table runners to sell - and to use up the left-over Christmas fabric from last year.

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been very busy sewing.  I think I better keep sewing as long as I am in the mood!  Plus, I'm getting ready for the craft shows.  And I also sell things on Etsy and occasionally on Ebay.  I do want to use up the fabric that I have.  The problem is that in the process of making things, it is necessary to buy more fabric because the fabric that I have on hand 
doesn't always match what I'm working on.  Do you ever have that problem?

Last week I went with 2 of my friends to Sherwood, Oregon to shop at the new Hobby Lobby.  Our town doesn't have very many stores and this is a store that I do miss (in Texas I lived pretty close to one).  On the way home from there, we noticed that the sky was looking smokey and kind of reddish.  Ultimately, we learned about the wild fires burning out of control in Oregon.  We have had smoke where I live since then.  Fortunately, we have not been in any danger from the fires.  I hope and pray that they will be totally stopped soon.  There is a fire still burning near Newberg, OR, which isn't very far from us but some of the people who had to be evacuated have been able to go home.  

Last night DH saw on the weather channel that Portland has the worst air quality in the whole world!!  I hope it's not that bad in McMinnville, but we decided not to walk this morning.

Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post!  I do appreciate them.



  1. I squinted hard at that quilt and did figure out where the 9-patch seams lie, but wow! I can understand how and why it took so long! It's beautiful and a treasure for sure. The apron is sweet and the table runners are cute as well. As for needing more fabric to use up what I have...ummm...well...!!! But new fabric is always fun and so long as you're enjoying it, I say keep doing what you're doing. I'm glad to hear your area is safe from fire danger, but air quality is definitely a concern. I hope the rain I heard predicted for tomorrow arrives in large quantities so the firemen and others can get a break and folks can get started forward with whatever their individual situations bring. I know it will be worse for some, but not knowing seems worse.

  2. I agree 100 per cent with what Katie just wrote in her comment. You always seem to choose such complicated patterns, and they always turn out beautiful! Your quilting is always great too! Now that I know you are safe so far, I'll quit worrying about you and your family. I could almost see you loading your quilts and other necessities into your motor home and taking off to get away from the fires. So glad that wasn't necessary! Have fun with your quilting. I'll be watching for when you are ready to post again. ---"Love"

  3. I love your 9-Patch Pineapple quilt. Congratulations on getting it finished. It's never too late to finish a project. You did an awesome job on this one. Love the Cabin Corner table runner too and the apron got a few chuckles out of me. Glad to hear you are not in danger of the fires. Stay safe. ;^)

  4. A great finish on a "well-aged" UFO. It is really pretty, and looks cozy and inviting.
    I am working on a 6 year old UFO now, having completed to 22 year old one.
    I'm sure someone will snatch up that apron, and your runners are really looking good, too. So have craft fairs in your area been allowed to continue?
    My daughter in Eugene has had "hazardous" air quality for a while, but just last night she texted me all excited because they had dropped from hazardous down to "very unhealthy". Hey, it is an improvement.

  5. Definitely worth the effort. It's a stunning quilt - so intricate. Is that Baptist Fan quilting? The curved lines are a good juxtaposition to all the straight lines in the pineapple blocks. Super cute apron and I always love your table runners. Having gone through our own fires last summer we feel for you all. If you not directly impacted by the fires, the smoke makes you realise just how bad it must be. The images we are seeing of the devastation are heartbreaking.

  6. Wow - This Pineapple Patch turned out beautifully! Congrats for the stunning finish.