Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 I am happy to report that we had a thunder storm Thursday night and it rained all night and most of Friday!  It was such a relief.  The air is now clean and clear!  Even though we weren't in danger from the fires, it was wonderful to get the much needed rain.  I think there is still some fire fighting in parts of the state, though.

I forgot to post this spider web quilt after I finished it, so here it is.  This was a quilt-a-long that Lori of Humble Quilts organized.  I do love this design and might want to make another one.  Guess what?  I still have a lot of scraps left!  LOL!!

I received these 2 mum plants from DS#3/DIL!  It was a surprise!  The first 2 pictures are of the same plant.

This one is on the patio so we can see it from our dining room (and so the deer can't get to it)

                                 This one is in the back yard so I can see it from my sewing room.

Here is the raffle quilt that my guild (Gone to Pieces Quilt Guild) made and will draw a winner for in December.  It measures 95" x 95".  I had no part in the making of it.  If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets, you can email me and I will give you my address for you to send the money.  The tickets are $1.00 per ticket or $5.00 for 6 tickets.  I'll keep track of any people who buy tickets and will  either send you your part of the ticket or keep it with me.  I will then buy your ticket and put the stub in with the rest of them.  If you are the lucky winner, I will let you know.  

                                                                            Purple Batik

Proceeds of the Quilt Raffle support the Quilt Guild and our Charity Projects.

Happy Fall, everyone!


  1. Wonderful finish Ruth! I hope to begin hand quilting my spiderweb quilt in a few weeks, as soon as the one in the hoop is finished. We're having a second wave of smoke from western wildfires, skies are a light brownish cast even though the sun is out. Hopefully will be blown all the way to the Atlantic by tomorrow.

  2. The quilting on your spiderweb quilt is beautiful! I love what you did in the neutral spaces. And the guild quilt is also gorgeous, but you know I love purple and this would appeal to me! I've never seen pink mums - those are so pretty!

  3. Your spider-web quilt is really pretty, and again, your quilting is just super! Your flowers are really pretty! Someone will really love that guild quilt; there's lots of little pieces in that one! I'm so glad to know your home escaped the fires, and that you got rain to settle the smoke and soot! I was worried sick about you, as you know! ---"Love"

  4. A great finish on your spider web quilt!! Nice feathering in the brown areas.
    Those are really pretty mums. What a nice surprise!
    Oh, that is a lovely raffle quilt. I will try to remember to get $5 in the mail to you the next time I am in town. I think I have your address on file. I'll email you for it if I am wrong. :)

  5. As always, the quilting on your quilts is superb. All those feathers. I wish I could come over for some lessons! Glad you had some rain to clear the air. The raffle quilt is a stunner.

  6. Fires are still burning, but thankfully not raging!
    Love the spider string quilt!! The raffle quilt is very lovely. I hope it raises a lot of money.

  7. Enjoyed seeing your quilts Ruth. We have been in drought, and have had winter rains at last