Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 I finished the "Liberty" table topper from Kim Diehl's book "Simple Seasons."  I am happy I made it and it fits on my dining room table.

Here's a close up of one section.

This week I started quilting the Pineapple Nine Patch quilt.  I'm using the fan stencil from Barb.  I love this stencil and I also used in on a table runner that is lower in this post.

I mark my quilt lines with the hera marker instead of using a marking pen.  I was going to try that, but then I forgot and I already had it all basted, so I marked it this way, which I am used to.

The hera marker makes a dent in the fabric (you can see it in this next picture).  I only mark one or two fans at a time because the dent can disappear with time.

I also made and finished this table runner "Nordic Stars" designed by Bev Getschel.  It was kind of tedious to get all the pieces lined up properly, but I really like it.  The pattern was in the McCall's Quilting Magazine, the November/December 2017 issue.

Here's a close up of the center part.

I also made this table runner out of a charm pack.  This makes a pretty long one!

A close-up of the quilting with the fan.

The back of this table runner.

Since my last post, DH and I also celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary!  My DGD came over to sew one day last week.  She used my Janome machine and I got out my Featherweight for me to sew with.  We had a good time sewing and talking!  I'm so happy that her hubby is now out of the Navy and they are living nearby!

My co-crafting friend and I haven't had any craft shows yet this year, but it looks like we will have two of them coming up.  One is in October and the other one is the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. We are very happy because with all the sewing we have been doing, we have many things to sell!  We're hoping that the Handmade Holiday craft show at the local museum will take place too, but we haven't heard about that one yet.

I hope you and your families are well.  We haven't come in contact with any people with covid - and hope it stays that way.  


  1. And you are asking what has been going on there? Well, I'll tell you; a whole lot of quilting has been going on! Every project you showed is very pretty! Your quilting looks perfect to me. I sometimes use my hera marker to mark my quilts, and also straight lines for writing my labels. I really enjoyed seeing what all you've been doing. I'm sure your DGD enjoyed quilting with you too. Congrats on making 58 years of wedded bliss! That's a rarity in today's world! I've been under the weather a bit the last three weeks and haven't sewn a stitch! Maybe tomorrow--I hope. Good to hear from you. ---"Love"

  2. very nice table topper...i just finished a quilt using barb's big baptist fan...

  3. Wow - You HAVE been busy - Everthing is so beautiful, impressive, well done. I can't even comment on anything in particular - it's ALL amazing!

  4. Liberty turned out so beautifully, I'd find it hard to place it on a table where it might be stained accidentally. I really love that last runner, it has a wonderful oriental vibe. I've never had luck with the hera marker when I'm machine quilting, as I can't see the indents under the machine's lights. And Happy Anniversary!

  5. So many beautiful projects in this post! Wow! I love your Liberty quilt. It is just perfect. Congratulations on this gorgeous finish. I want to get a fan template from Barb too, some day, when the difference between CAD and USA money is not so wide. Nordic Star is fabulous. Love that one. Happy to hear you got a sewing buddy for a day. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Happy anniversary! The quilts all look amazing. The first table topper is incredible and seems like it went together fast. You've been busy lately...I can't say as much...

  7. Happy Anniversary! That's quite a milestone. Ruth, your projects are always amazingly diverse. I really like the shaped edge colour scheme on the Liberty table topper. The fan quilting on your projects is such a good design. I've read that the Hera marker works quite well and your pictures prove that. Your table toppers have turned out well and the Nordic Stars topper is dramatic. I like the way you have quilted it. Glad you had some special time with your DGD.

  8. Liberty is gorgeous!
    You have been busy finishing up projects, and I am happy to see those you quilted using Barb's stencil. I plan to use it for a couple of upcoming finishes, and it encourages me to see such pretty results!