Saturday, July 25, 2020


 I love holly hocks and have been trying to get them to grow.  Maybe I have a black thumb, but I thought that everything was supposed to grow easily in Oregon.  Well, I finally have a holly hock plant that has actually gotten about 2 feet high and has several gorgeous blooms on it - double blooms!!  I am seriously going to plant more seeds so I can get more of them growing.  I just love them.

When I get a project finished (or at least basted), I like to switch to something else for at least a couple days.  I have had some panels of doll clothes for years and I decided to get some of them sewn up.  This first one is a camping outfit.  The hat is too big for her head, but maybe on another doll it will fit better.

She even has a back pack!

The next outfit is a pajama and robe set with an overnight bag.  Please ignore her hair.  I use this doll to try on the clothes only.

I like to get scraps from a chest at my LQS and sometimes the scraps are pretty big.  Recently, I found these 4 pictures of bears there and thought they would be perfect for a baby quilt.  All the fabrics on the front are from the scrap chest, except for the border.  This is a donation quilt, so the binding is sewn on for more sturdiness.

And finally, this one is from Jo Morton's book, Jo's Little Favorites.  I had been looking at this pattern for a while and finally decided to make it.  The pattern calls for strips of one inch, but I increased the size to 1 1/4 inch, so it measures 21 1/4" square.  If I made it with one inch strips, it would measure 14 3/4" square, which is pretty small.
Cabin Corners
I just love this quilt!  On the back I put a panel commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence that I had from some former projects.  It had been cut down for making wall hangings and I just added it the way it was with a border to make it big enough.

Now I'm in the mood to make some more log cabin blocks and might make this same pattern, only longer for a table runner.  I have plenty of fabrics to make all the blocks different.

I don't know where the week went!  Here it it Saturday already - time to do some house cleaning.

I noticed that Barb was the guest for a quilt guild via Zoom.  I really miss having our guild meetings in person and having them via Zoom would be better than nothing.  Are any of your guilds doing that?  If this pandemic continues much longer, we should definitely do this.  The monthly meeting and going to quilt shows are some things that I really miss a lot!!

Take care and stay healthy! 


  1. All your finished creations are beautiful. Cute doll clothes. Your mini is darling. I have done a few of Jo Morton minis and love them.

  2. I have just this week been noticing the pretty hollyhocks in other people's gardens and wishing I had a good place for them to grow.
    Didn't realize you could get doll clothes panels. Sounds like a good idea, and the clothes look great.
    Cute bear donation quilt, and a really sweet finish on the Jo Morton quilt.
    I don't belong to a guild, so I have no idea if any of them around here are having Zoom meetings. I'll have to ask some friends the next time we text or phone.

  3. Oh that bear quilt and the one with log cabin corners are both gorgeous. I agree with you about doing something different once a quilt top is ready to be quilted. Great work.

  4. The doll clothes are adorable and so are the little quilts. Those bears are so darn cute and the log cabin blocks are wonderful! ! ! There were hollyhocks on the farm I grew up on. Just the single ones, we would go out, pick the flower then a flower bud. The flower was turned up side down and the bud secured to the stem end to make a doll. We had lots of flower dolls lined up on the picnic table. Happy memories.

  5. Wonderful projects you did! Lovely finishes. Love the doll outfits and who cares about the hair, she's heading to bed, hehehe. Love the little quilts too. Enjoy the holly hocks. ;^)

  6. Such a sweet dolly with some flash new outfits. The bear panel quilt looks great and your wee Log Cabin quilt is a treasure.

  7. cute dolly clothes! so sweet.
    wonderful log cabin little quilt. love that backing.

  8. Your little log cabin corners are so cute, and I too love that backing! The little bears will entertain a baby very well. The doll clothes will be enjoyed by a little one too. Certainly the beautiful holly hocks are enjoyed by all of us! Wish I had some growing by the fence that I see from my sewing machine! ---"Love"

  9. Log cabin is my favourite pattern enjoyed your post