Saturday, December 28, 2019


We are in Florida visiting our son, DIL and DGD.  We're staying at an AIRbnb.  The house we are staying in is really cute!  There is a sun room, which I have turned into my sewing studio.  Here are a few pictures.  They had this portable ironing board and it sits perfectly on one of the chairs.

I placed these finished 4-patch blocks on the window sill.

I'm also working on sawtooth stars for a block exchange.  I've been sewing flying geese onto the center square.  I need to make 40 of them and noticed that I had cut some of them wrong.  I brought extra fabric along, so I'm OK.

Abby turned 11 yesterday and had a party with her friends.  She received this bike for Christmas.



  1. I'm so happy you are able to sew when you aren't visiting family. Abby is growing up!! Happy new year!!

  2. Ruth felicidades a tu preciosa niña!!
    Veo que te adaptas muy bien con tus herramientas de costura
    Feliz año nuevo

  3. Have a wonderful visit! cute blocks.
    Happy New year

  4. Fun blocks I am in this swap also...a neat way to make the flying geese...great instructions that Barb gave us. Nice that you can sew while visiting your family and such a lovely bright room. Enjoy your visit and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    Hug's, Carolyn

  5. I had forgotten that you have family in Florda. Wasn't always the nicest weather over the holidays but is nice now.
    Well there is a will, there is a way....the old phrase. You have set yourself up a temporary sewing area to work your creativity. Happiest of New Year's to you!

  6. How is Abby already 11? I'm sure she loved having you visit over her birthday. It's lovely that you have been able to sew on your trip. I look forward to seeing what those block will become.

  7. Looks like a great set up for sewing. Your blocks are so pretty, enjoy your visit. Abby is getting so big and changing into a beautiful young lady!