Saturday, November 23, 2019


I finished the Christmas table runner that I showed you in my last post.  I was happy to have the paper piecing finished!  And I'm happy with the finished product!  It's a large table runner - 22" x 47".

An indoor picture that shows the quilting a little better.  I used a lot of different green fabrics for the trees.

This one shows the backing and binding better.

Next, I worked on finishing a lap quilt measuring 60" square.  It is made with scrappy strip 8" blocks and solid red for the sashing and border.  Whenever it comes to quilting, I usually don't have any idea how I plan to quilt it until the time comes.  I decided to just quilt wavy lines across the whole quilt not including the border.  I wanted something nice for the border, so I went to Pinterest and didn't see anything there, but I did see some of Lori Kennedy's designs.  I remembered that I had torn out some pages of her designs from my American Quilter issues, so I found this one that I thought would be good - if I could do it.

I decided to try it on some scraps.

I tried another one of her designs also:

I liked the holly one better, so tried it on the red fabric with green thread.

Lori's instructions are so good and she breaks the design down in steps.  If you haven't tried any of them, you should check out her website at .  She has many design there.  I'm so happy that she shares these in her blog and in magazines.  If you haven't joined the American Quilters Society, it is well worth it.  Their magazine comes out 6 times per year.

Here is a picture of quilting the design on the actual quilt border.

And a picture of a section of the quilt.

Thanks to Lori Kennedy for helping quilters like me!!  


  1. Congratulations on the finished table runner. It is gorgeous! Thanks for the link to Lori's blog. I am most interested in getting help with my quilting too. The quilted holly looks amazing. Looking forward to see it all done. ;^)

  2. love it, great use of strips that are left over

  3. A beautiful finish on the runner!
    I agree--Lori does great tutorials on her designs, and I have used a few of them myself.

  4. Love the quilting on the borders!!
    The tree quilt is super sweet!!

  5. what a great runner pattern! Your machine line quilting is awesome.

  6. Your Christmas table runner is very pretty; great job on the paper piecing! Your holly quilting looks wonderful! I'm glad someone is getting some Christmas things done. So far, I haven't! Very unusual, don't you think? ---"Love"

  7. I love your table runner, the paper piecing was worth the trouble! Just Gorgeous!