Friday, November 15, 2019


I found the Yuletide Forest pattern in McCall's Quilting Magazine, November/December 2017 issue, and saved it.  The main problem with it is that all the trees are paper pieced and I really don't like PP. However, I really liked the table runner, so decided to make it for our coffee table.

Here it is on my design wall, not sewn together and the paper is still on the trees.  The second tree on the right has to be fixed as I accidentally cut off the seam allowance.

This is a close-up.  There are 2 of each red fabric for the 4-patches.  For the trees, I used a variety of green fabrics.

This is the offending tree block.

This morning I decided I needed to sew some velcro onto Abby's unicorn pillow to get it finished for her birthday and the first strip that I sewed on had black thread on the bottom (which is actually the outside of the pillow), so that won't do.  Another need for the much used seam ripper

My craft show last weekend was quite successful and there is another one tomorrow.  Is it really the middle of November already???  I better check out my inventory of Christmas gifts that I have purchased this year and see what else I need to get.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  


  1. Christas? Can you believe I haven't even thought about it yet! Back to doctor yesterday for follow-up on all that's been going on, and then a round of drive-by errands, thanks to son. I made the day okay, and so far, today is okay too. I'm thinking about trying to sew a bit this afternoon; may not get it done, but I'll try. That's progress for me. I never thought I'd be so homebound! Your little trees will be cute on your table. I don't like PP either! Glad your craft show are going well; wish I could go to one of them. ---"Love"

  2. I like to DO pp'ing but don't like the end result of so many sharp points on a bed. Is that weird or weird? But this is going to bu a cute table runner - do detailed and "holiday".

  3. I've tried PP once and didn't like it much. Maybe with some more practice I would get the hang of it but why try when there's so many quilts I want to do that aren't PP? Do love your table runner though. ;^)

  4. The trees are great! Worth the effort in my opinion. But I've been there with errant trimming...ugh! Glad to hear the craft shows are going well, but like you am struggling to believe it's the middle of November already. I can only hope the cold, dreary months of actual winter speed by this quickly as well!

  5. Great your show went well!! I love those trees, but not a fan of pp either.

  6. I can't wait to see the finish for the trees. It looks great. I don't enjoy PP but sometimes it is necessary. Glad to hear you did well at the show. Hope the fix for the black thread went well!

  7. That will be a great table runner!
    It took me a few years to make peace with foundation piecing.Now that we understand each other, I don't mind it--mostly. Still don't enjoy removing the papers. But I love the accuracy it yields.
    Glad to hear your show went well!

  8. Very cute trees. I am so bad at paper piecing.
    I haven't finished shopping yet - Need to get going. yikes.
    glad you are having a good craft show year.