Saturday, December 16, 2017


We spent some time with DS#3 and family (who doesn't want pictures published of them) and we had a wonderful visit.  I had time to do some sewing and after finding this fabric at a thrift store, my DIL desided to purchase it.  I started to make a table runner and some placemats for her, but my Featherweight bobbin tension was off - way too loose.  I couldn't tighten the tiny screws in the bobbin case, so I decided to try my DIL's sewing machine (which is in the sewing cabinet that my Featherweight is sitting on).  She has never used it, but had it serviced a few years ago. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work right either so I had to put the sewing project away.

This is the fabric we found at the thrift store - about 6 yards of 56" wide fabric for $10!!

These are some other fabrics I got there for a very low price.

 The good news is that I get to keep the antique partial quilt top.  Below is a picture of the whole piece. 

While visiting, we saw another historic site in Kansas City, MO.

This is DH and I at a restaurant.

We have now moved on to visit another son - this time in Pensacola, FL.  The above 2 photos were taken from the balcony of the condo that we are staying in.  You might be able to see the gulf between the buildings - we are very close!

Christmas is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to this visit here in Florida.  Are you travelling for Christmas?


  1. Wow! Those are great finds at the thrift store. I love the first picture of the blue fabric. Awesome! Too bad the machines didn't cooperate.
    Have you ever watch "Mercy" on PBS? It's probably on Netflix too. The story is all about what happen in that house turned hospital during that war, and of John Wornall and family, and the doctors and nurses too. It's a very good series. Enjoy the nice weather of Florida. ;^)

  2. I like that blue fabric too; I see it in a stack and whack! So glad you are enjoying seeing your kids again; your family is literally strung out across the U.S., isn't it? Wish you could stop by here on your way back home. I'm having the family here Christmas Eve, and sleeping in Christmas Day! I had the church quilters here last Thursday - (only 7 got to come), and 20 of my high school class will be here Tuesday for fun, fun, fun! I'm almost ready for it. Everyone who comes to the party will take home a can of my homemade candies, and the quilters did too. You would know the family members will too. I think there will be 11 here on Christmas Eve. Drive safely, and have fun, spreading your joy! ---"Love"

  3. That fabric you found was great! Sorry your machines weren't cooperating!!
    We'll be staying home for Christmas, no kids to visit us either.

  4. The other day when the bottom thread of the seam that I was sewing with my featherweight was loose, it turned out (after much checking of the bobbin and head scratching) that the top thread tension was wrong. The setting had been jarred in transit. It was set to zero when it should have been set to five. I hope your featherweight gets back to normal soon.

  5. We're staying home in ct - which I love.
    Sorry about the machine problems but yay for the fabric and the antique top!

  6. Your DIL has a beautiful sewing cabinet, so sorry the machines were acting up. The fabric you found is so pretty, I could think of lots of ways to use it! The other fabrics are great, too. That alphabet fabric would look cute in a baby quilt or backing and the plaids are wonderful, too. Great finds all! How exciting to get to keep the antique quilt, the RW&B fabrics are wonderful. Do you have plans for it? It is fun to hear of your travels, enjoy the time with all of your family! Merry Christmas!

  7. It's too bad the machines did not cooperate. I'm glad you had a lovely visit otherwise though. Enjoy your time with your other son and family. Merry Christmas!