Wednesday, December 6, 2017


We went to the Frontier Tribute Trail Museum at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas a couple days ago and it was very interesting. This is where the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails began.  It has been an active fort since 1827.

I love this flag and didn't know for sure if the stars had ever really been arranged that way, but, yes, they had!

The displays were very life like.  The one on the right is really alive - my DH!

This is the Command and General Staff College.

Behind the stone marker below is the pathway that the wagon trains followed as they came across the Missouri River (behind me).  Can you see the indentation?

There are many military graves from various wars

When my DIL and I were getting the Christmas tree out, there was a tree left by the former owners of the house.  It is in good shape and is about 10' tall, so she decided to put it up.  I saw a box inside the tree box and when I picked it up a partial quilt top fell out.  I think they may have used it around the bottom of the tree and it is very old.  It's not finished and is an odd shape, but it's hand pieced and the fabrics look very old.  She's going to call the realtor (who is the daughter of the owners) to see if they want it.  If not, it will be mine.

Any ideas about the fabrics?


  1. What a beautiful quilt top. If they don't want it you will have a treasure. Hugs

  2. Cool flag. I didn't recall the stars had ever been arranged that way, either. I have obviously forgotten much of my American history!
    I haven't been to this specific spot, but I have been to places where the wagon ruts along the Oregon Trail are still very visible and very deep. Fascinating to me that they have remained for so long.
    What a lovely vintage piece. I am no fabric expert, but you could send these photos to Sandra at Textile Time Travels blog and she may be able to give you some idea.

  3. That is nice of you to check with the previous owners. I kind of hope that you will end up with it. I know you will make good use of it.

  4. Again, thanks for sharing pictures of your travels. I'm glad someone is getting to go places! I don't know about those fabrics, but I do love how those 4-patch cubes stack up on each other. Hope you get to keep the quilt! ---"Love"

  5. Ask Jane Lury, dawn ronningen she is ‘collector with a needle’ or Joe and Mar koval, they will be able to help you. Quite a find. Lovely.

  6. Finding a quilt top - wow how fun. Great fabrics.
    neat flad and wonderful displays. What a great historical place to visit. thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Interesting story about the partial quilt top find. I have had many dreams about having a real old timey attic and finding treasures in it.
    I have an older book with quilt blocks to represent Oregon. I was thinking about an Oregon Trail quilt of some kind. You, actually living in Oregon and having visited the start of the Trail, would be a good person to do something like that.

  8. Did you hear back from the previous owner yet? It's charming!! I love historical museums. Leavenworth looks terrific!