Thursday, December 28, 2017


Yesterday we celebrated our granddaughter's 9th birthday with a party at the "Sky Zone."  Abby had 4 guests there along with parents, grandparents (us) and my sister (great aunt).

Making a wish.

Cute, but tired, friends!

I have done some more sewing since we arrived in Pensacola.  First, I finished the table runner and place mats for my DIL in Kansas.

The table runner has 4 sections and on each end there is a part that will hang down on either end of the table with 3 smaller sections.

I made 6 place mats - with no batting in them - that's the way she wanted them.

Then, in my spare time (mostly early in the morning) I continued working on some projects that I had brought with me.

I had decided I wanted to make a table runner with some log cabin blocks that measure 5 1/4", so I started on those.

I also made some more of these 13 1/2" sawtooth star blocks out of scrappy pieces and 5" charm pack left-overs.

Have you ever had a picture taken with a pelican?  I did today! 

Happy New Year everyone!  I probably won't post again until 2018 and then I will try to have a list of my 12 scrappy projects that I will do to try to use up at least some of my scraps.  See confessions of a fabric addict.


  1. That is a really pretty focus fabric in the runner and place mats.
    Love the little log cabin blocks.
    We have pelicans on the ponds near us, but I have never had my photo taken WITH one! :)

  2. Really good picture of you and the pelican! I know your Granddaughter was so glad you could be there for her birthday. I'm sure your son and DIL were happy to see you too! The table runner and place mats are very pretty, and you know I love the log cabin blocks! Those scrappy stars are very interesting; I'll be watching to see how you put them together. Have a safe trip back home; I don't envy that drive! ---"Love"

  3. I love pelicans - great shot of you too.
    Looks like you're keeping busy.
    Happy New Year early

  4. p.s. love those little log cabin blocks!

  5. What fun with the girls! And how nice to get to Florida at this time of year.

  6. I like the piece in the header that has the eagle in the center.

  7. Your travel projects look great, and I'm amazed that you even have time to stitch while on vacation and celebrating with the grands. Still wondering which 2018 "challenge"to follow along with, if any. Happy New Year!

  8. Enjoy the vacation and the family, Ruth. I wish you a lovely and healthy New Year. ;^)

  9. I love Pensacola and we have visited several times as my husband's best friend from college retired there. I love going over the bridge to the ocean. We fondly remember the pelicans. Enjoy! We are having frigid weather here in Wisconsin.

    But I love how you got to see your granddaughter for her birthday. What fun!

    Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. I see you are busy with lots of great project as well.

  10. Safe travels and happy new year!!

  11. Happy Birthday Abby! She is growing up so fast. That's a lovely table runner and I like your wee log cabin blocks. Best wishes for a new year filled with scrap projects!

  12. Happy New Year Ruth! How did Abby get to be 9 already?