Monday, April 27, 2015


Thursday I attended the Mid Valley Quilt Guild (of Salem, OR) Quilt Show in Rickreal, OR with a friend/neighbor and we had a great time!  Here are some of the quilts - not a lot - but some that I really liked.

This first one was my favorite because it was so unique! You could look at it for a long time and discover different aspects to it.

Here's the label which explains the theme of the quilt.

There were embellishments, like Fiona's necklace with fancy attachments and her pince-nez glasses and with its retractable ribbon pinned to her dress (a narrow tape measure).  The black fabric at the bottom has phrases on it:  a time to laugh, a time to dance, etc.  Everything relates to time, including the pattern on her dress and the clock numbers on her face.

Such a fun quilt!

Below are just some of the fabulous quilts in the show.  They speak for themselves.

I want to make this one (Pineapple Nine Patch) and have bought the book that it's in.
Karen, does this look familiar?

This blue quilt was amazing and I think the technique was some kind of Japanese appliqué.

After the quilt show we visited the Ladies of Liberty Quilt Shop in Independence, OR which specializes in civil war reproduction fabrics.  The selection was limited, but I did find some fabric that I liked.  I also bought some fabric at the quilt show from SilverQuilts which was quite reasonably priced.

All in all, it was a lovely day!


  1. That first quilt is extremely clever. Thanks for the close-ups. It is fun to study the detail.
    Some incredible quilts! Wow!!

  2. What a great quilt of Fiona the Quilter.....
    She's a true example for all of us, I quess. It works that way for me, anyway... ;)
    Such beautiful quilts at that show!
    Thanks for showing us your pictures!
    Greetz from the Netherlands.

  3. Glad you had a fun day at the show! The first quilt doesn't really appeal to me, but on closer inspection, it truly is very thought provoking! I certainly can relate to its theme! In fact, I even resemble it! *giggle* ---"Love"

  4. Absolutely marvellous! There are some amazing quilts out there and very talented quilters. Thanks for sharing!

  5. what a great variety of quilts. Lovely work!

  6. That first one is pretty amazing! I love the story. Great quilts!

  7. Looks like a great show. And yes, the PNP does look familiar LOL. Let me know if you want my shortcuts for this one.

  8. All are lovely quilts, but thank you for the close-ups of Tempis Fugit. It is one cool quilt. So true to life --at least, for me. lol