Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New Year to all my faithful followers!  We have been sick here since Tuesday, the day after my sister arrived from the Chicago area.  

I made her a zippered bag that she will use to carry her lunch to and from work.  She works as a Suzuki piano teacher and teacher trainer in Wheaton, IL.

"Lunch Bag" and mug rug that I gave my sister for Christmas.

She gave me this puzzle (among other things) and we made it up already.  Then we made a different puzzle and we'll probably start another puzzle today.  We like Springbok puzzles the best.  If you like puzzles and you haven't ever made one of these, you ought to try one.  The pieces are not all the same shape and they are much easier to work with than some other puzzles.

Puzzle I received from my sister
 On Tuesday we drove to Aurora, OR to visit the Aurora Colony Museum and browse some antique shops.  It was cold and clear that day and we were able to get this great picture of Mount Hood!  It isn't visible most of the time due to clouds.

Mount Hood on 12/30/2014.

My sister and me.

I haven't made a list of my 2014 accomplishments (other than on the side bar) and I haven't made a list of 2015 goals since I've been too busy with company and being sick.  Of course, my main goal will be to finish some UFOs! and to try to use up fabric.  I have tons of scraps as well as several quilts in progress, so I think I'll manage to keep busy in 2015!  I'm trying to decide if it helps to make a list or not.  :-)

Happy New Year to one and all!


Janet O. said...

Puzzles are a holiday tradition I grew up with. I don't have a place for one at my house, but I still like to help Mom with hers. A good way to pass the time when you aren't feeling well.
Lovely shot of Mt. Hood!!
I don't really like to get too specific with my lists. I have a list of my UFOs in the sewing room, so when I need to start a project I look over the list to find what to work on next. I don't assign specific projects to certain months or time slots. Just frustrates me.
Nice photo of you and your sister. I really like the lunch bag you made for her. : )

---"Love" said...

Sorry you've been feeling bad; hope you are all well soon! Glad you could spend some time with your sister; I really miss mine, and especially at Christmas. I'm sure your sis will love the lunch bag set. I have set only one goal for 2015 si far, and that is to finish packing up Christmas 2014 by Monday! I think (hope) maybe I'll make it. Happy New Year to you and yours! ---"Love"

Donna said...

I like your puzzle, and how perfect for a quilter. For Christmas I received a puzzle of the New York City skyline, and I finished it a couple days ago. It was a real challenge!

a good yarn said...

Happy New Year to you and your sister! The lunch bag and mug rug for your sister are delightful. What a thoughtful gift. Mt Hood is quite impressive. You made so many wonderful projects in 2014. Like you I'm focussing on scraps and leftovers this year and finishing UFOs. Seems to be a theme. Ann :-)

Beth said...

So sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you are still able to enjoy spending time with your sister. I have been really having fun doing puzzles in the computer. (I never lose a piece that way)
Happy New Year and happy sewing in 2015

Grit said...

Happy New Year to you too. I hope you get better now.
Greetings Grit

Lori said...

I hope you are feeling better! You and your sister look a lot alike. Happy New year!

Cathy Buel said...

Happy New Year to you too! I too have been battling a cold since Christmas. I love the bag you made your sister. Hugs

Katie said...

I hope you're feeling better! I'm still coughing from my bout with the flu just before the holidays, but I'll take that over being truly sick any day. I, too, have been thinking about making a list for this year, but am not sure I really want to think through my messes that thoroughly... The little lunchbag is so sweet and the photo of Mount Hood is beautiful.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Ruth I have visited here before and didn't know that you had an etsy shop but I cannot find the link..?

Marsha said...

Happy New Year! Sorry to hear you have been sick, hope by now you are feeling much better! The lunch bag is so pretty, I love most anything blue. I know Wheaton, Il, I lived there for about six months back in 1980. It is a nice place to live. I'll be watching for your new projects this year.

Rebecca in AK said...

I am sorry to hear you have been sick there. Not a fun way to start a new year. So fun to have your sister for a visit though. Very cute lunch bag and mug rug.