Monday, January 26, 2015


Sunday I went to the Oregon Garden Quilt Show where I had entered my civil war reproduction quilt.  My DIL and GD went with me.  Oregon Garden is in Silverton, OR and is about an hour drive from my house.  You can look at their web site here.  It was foggy in the morning and when we left after church, it was still foggy.

Fog in the Oregon Garden
This picture shows a rusty bell with an awesome sound to it in the garden.  There was a frog croaking from the tree on the right.  Maybe he was protesting all the people walking by.

I love mossy rocks and there were lots of them in the garden.
My GD and DIL looking at the elephant quilt - it won a viewers' choice award for appliqué.  

I love frogs - and frog quilts!
The next 2 quilts were part of a "Blue" exhibit.

I thought of Katie when I saw this one!

Wool applique

Cute monster quilt!
This is the one we came to see!  I know you've seen it before (ad nauseam), but here it is again!  Would you believe that this might have been the only quilt made with CW reproduction fabric in the whole show?  I'm not positive about that, but thinking back, I don't remember any others!  There were a lot of Art quilts and Modern quilts.  I left the picture un-cropped on the left so you could see what quilt was next to mine.

Yes, a Dear Jane quilt!  Made and machine quilted by the same person!  It was amazing.

When we left the quilt show at 3:30, the fog was still there and only cleared up when we drove back through Salem, then appeared again north of Salem.  It was fun to have a "Girls' Day Out" with my DIL and GD!


---"Love" said...

That looks like an interest place for a quilt show! The Dear Jane is very nice, but your Civil War quilt is awesome! I love to see it every time you show it! In fact, last time I printed just the picture as a guide for how I'd like to put mine together some day. I love how the setting squares form section borders, (That may not be what you call them, but that's what they are for me.) I haven't decided on my colors yet; probably won't use red for mine, but it's gorgeous on yours! ---"Love"

Kathleen Young said...

I went to this show the first year I was here. Loved it. Beautiful setting and lots of quilts. Have you been shop hopping out here?? Ton's of wonderful stores:)
Happy Quilting!!

Barb said...

great photos and quilts!

Janet O. said...

Glad your quilt was there to represent. It looks wonderful!
I have noticed the last few years attending a show in Salt Lake City that there are fewer and fewer traditional quilts. I am amazed by many of the quilts I see, but I take fewer and fewer photos and am tempted by less and less of the booths. : )

Beth said...

Looks like there were lots of beautiful quilts there. I can hardly believe that yours was the only one done in CW repro fabrics. So glad yours was there to remind viewers of the beauty of traditional fabrics. :)
I totally get why that quilt reminded you of Katie. LOL

a good yarn said...

You were in good company Ruth - such a lovely quilt especially amongst all the art and modern ones.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is wonderful. It's hard to believe it's the same quilt after you worked your magic with colors and settings.

Donna said...

I love your quilt. CW fabrics are my favorite. I too have noticed that there seem to be fewer "traditional" quilts at the quilt shows.

Lori said...

I've never been to that show. I'm so glad you entered your quit! We repro girls must keep doing that so people can see them.