Monday, March 31, 2014


I have a picture on my side bar for the NEWFO CHALLENGE THAT Catpatches started for this year.  It's kind of fun, because you don't have to finish anything - just start them and report what you have started on the last day of the month.  Last month I forgot to do it, so this month I'm reporting 2 New FOs.

First, is February's New FO:

As most of you know, I started the Dear Jane quilt last month and after Saturday's meeting, I got more inspired to get some made.  Also, I needed a break from quilting a large quilt.

I decided not to do them in order, but I'm not just picking out the easy ones to work on first, either.    Didn't need to paper piece!  This is a super easy one but I made a hard one too.

 This next one was super easy as well and I reverse appliquéd the circles while watching "Midwife" on PBS last night.  This is one of the color change ones as well.

This last one is a difficult paper pieced one.  I picked out some fabric that I thought would be pretty and didn't have much of the off-white, but luckily, had enough.  I had to unsew a few seams as well as add a piece for seam allowance where I had cut it too short, but on the whole, it came out pretty nice.
Notice that it is made at 5" unfinished and will be 4 1/2" when put into the quilt.  That's a lot of tiny pieces!!!  I hope after doing a lot more PP blocks I will get more comfortable doing it.  I've done it before, but never really enjoyed it - except for seeing how nice the blocks turn out.

This shows the side pieces already PPed and the middle section, which is only 3" square, with lots of tiny pieces.

(See where I added a piece on the left side of the middle bottom section)

March's New FO:

This is a Quilt A Long from Randy at Barrister's Block.   It's a scrappy Bulls Eye quilt with raw edges.   Very fun and easy to do!

I just happened to have this ruler "WonderArc" which I bought at a quilt show several years ago.  I have used it, but not a lot, so this gives me an excuse to use it.

You fold the fabric two times and position it in the middle.

Cut close right at the 3" line for a 3" circle (duh!) and on the other side of the space for a 3 1/2" circle.  It works really neat.

If you go over to Randy's blog, you will need to scroll down past some retreat posts to get to her Bulls Eye quilt posts.  She is giving us time to work on it.  (I haven't really been working on it very much due to deadlines, however).

Have a good week and enjoy the spring weather!  And the flowers!


  1. Doesn't that paper pieced block look crisp and precise? I love it.
    Speaking as one who said I would never do paper piecing again, after taking a class in it, I can now say that I prefer it when I am doing small blocks. Yes, it does get easier--and I never thought I would be saying that to anyone!! : )

  2. Your paper pieced block is so pretty and precise! For me, the jury is still out on paper piecing, did it for the first time when our church group paper pieced string blocks, and wasn't impressed with the way taking off the papers pulled at the edge threads even though I was tearing toward those edges. Of course with 10 or 12 folks stitching on different machines the stitch length wasn't always tiny, nor the tension exact. Will keep trying tho :-)

  3. You have some great blocks here...I especially like the last blue one with all those eperfect pieces. That scrappy bull's eye should be fun to make...I have never seen that ruler but it looks very helpful!

  4. Your blocks are lovely. The paper pieced block is stunning!

  5. Well I started A bulls eye with some friends. We had a group cutting day and afterwards I didn't like some of my colors so I put the whole thing away. Then when Randy started the sew along I pulled it back out and sorted through more fabrics. Then I stalled again, but I really wantto make it so maybe I will cut somne backgrounds and get going.
    Your Dear Jane blocks are looking so great!!!

  6. You are the Queen of Precision and Patience! All you have shown above is perfect! ---"Love"

  7. Hello Ruth, are you traveling in your camper ?? I also like Call the Midwife.. Are you just starting DJ ?? I have the book and all the templates but have neglected it for yrs !!!I have so many to finish..Yout blocks look good! Izzy

  8. Great piecing. That is an interesting ruler. Nice work on this.

  9. Hi!!!! Wonderful creations!!!! I love the paper pieced block!!!! Very pretty!!!! I have to try paper piecing soon!!!! Wish me luck!!! I have to do some for some BOMs I joined and I have to jump in and do them soon!!!! I hope mine look as good as your someday!!!!

  10. what a clever tool to make the bullseye quilt. I made mine the old fashion way, then made a second quilt from the circle backgrounds of the first.
    We love the comfy feel of the raw edges on this quilt. I'll have to check out randy'd blog for more info.