Sunday, March 23, 2014


My entry for the Handmade Christmas Challenge is a notebook cover.  I used the journal cover from Moda Bakeshop for the directions.  

I added a pocket on the front

I got the pinwheel quilt basted this week as well as my basket quilt (but just took pictures of the pinwheel quilt.  I have been using Cindy Needham's method of basting the quilt on one large table and it has been working quite well for me.  I use picnic table clamps to keep the fabric tight.

Yesterday I started quilting and after quilting some large free motion feathers that I planned to do all over the quilt top, I decided I didn't like them, so I will be ripping that out.  Luckily, it's only about 18" square.  Now I am quilting some skinny fern-like feathers in the sashing and some lines in the pinwheels.  I still haven't figured out what I will do on the navy squares.

I don't know if you can see what is quilted in the sashing or not, but both of these pictures show it.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post.


  1. Oh no I hate ripping.Glad that you didn't get to very far.
    Can't wait to see it done.
    Like the journal cover. So many ways to personalize them.

  2. Very pretty notebook cover. That will make a nice gift.
    I can see the fern-like feathers. Nice choice.
    I'll be interested to see what you quilt in your squares. I would probably take the easy way out and quilt an "X" in them. : )

  3. That is a large quilt to be quilting on. Good for you!!
    Love the notebook cover.

  4. Great notebook cover and such a gorgeous quilt!

  5. The journal cover is so pretty! I also love all the fabrics you have used in the cover and the quilt. You find beautiful fabric to sew with. The skinny feathers are so nice, perfect for the quilt. Hope no more ripping out is necessary, enjoy!

  6. I really like your skinny feathers! That's going to be a beautiful quilt. And what a nice journal cover you've made. ---"Love"

  7. Really love that blue/tan palette pinwheel number. The notebook cover is lovely as well. Nice job!