Saturday, April 5, 2014


I love going to Waxahachie - it's such a unique town.   I went there today to attend a Charity Stitch-A-Thon at Seldom Seen Quilting, a long arm quilting business owned by Diana Buckley, who is a member of my quilt guild.  Even though I've been to Waxahachie many times, I had never visited Seldom Seen Quilting, which is right across the street from my favorite quilt shop.  Diana celebrated her business's one year anniversary by hosting the Charity Stitch-A-Thon.  

Ellis County Court House

Seldom Seen Quilting Sign in front of My Father's House Antiques
The long arm quilting business is located inside My Father's House Antiques - in the upper room.

My Father's House Antiques

Diana's quilting studios -  one of her two long arms

Here's me quilting a quilt that I made to donate to Children's Hospital

I'm kind of nervous starting out.

Diana Buckley and Trudy Coker, her expert assistant.

Common Threads Quilting, right across the street

Another view of My Father's House Antiques

I really appreciate the opportunity to quilt on the long arm machine.  This quilt got done a lot faster that way.  Quite a few other guild members came to either quilt or help finish other charity quilts by binding them.

Here's a couple pictures of my quilt that I took when I got home and the lighting wasn't very good.

When I get the binding on, I'll take a better picture

Thanks Diana!  By the way, Diana teaches people how to use her long arm quilting machines and then rents the machines out to them so they can do their own quilting.  Visit her web site here.  


Janet O. said...

That is a wonderfully colorful scrap quilt, Ruth. Will certainly brighten some child's room!

Sharon Eshlaman said...

I'm from Michigan and went to Dallas on business a few years ago. I managed to get in a couple of "me" days just so I could go to the Common Threads Quilt Store. It was so worth it - love that shop. I agree, the town is a real neat place to visit.

Anonymous said...

I just found out that our small town of Loveland, Ohio, has a similar shop where people can be trained on a longarm and then pay an hourly rate to use it. I'd love to be able to visit the antique store.

Impera Magna said...

Beautiful scrappy quilt, Ruth! What a great opportunity to be able to quilt it on a long arm. I wish someone around here had that type of business where you could rent time on a long-arm.

Of course... that quilt shop looks fab!

Cathy said...

Looks like fun. I wish I had a shop like that. Your scrappy string quilt is beautiful. Hugs

Katie said...

That quilt is so pretty and bright and the quilting looks great! Quite a difference from quilting on your little machine, though, right? You look very focused in the photo, but I probably look that way when using my longarm, too...just noone (the hubby) thinks to take photos of that - thank goodness!

Beth said...

That machine looks so huge. Your quilting looks great. Love the colors on the quilt. Did you Free motion it or use a panto? How did you like it?

---"Love" said...

Indeed Waxahachie is a very interesting place to visit, and especially Common Threads. Next time I go there, I want to be sure to visit Seldom Seen Quilts. Your quilting looked really good, and I'm sure you had a fun day with everyone. ---"Love"

Barb said...

great string scrap quilt! Looks like it was a fun place to visit!

Marsha said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Lucky you to get a chance to use a long arm machine, that would be so much fun to try.

Lori said...

I've heard of a lot of quilt shops that offer their long arms for customers. Wish I had one close enough!!