Friday, September 27, 2013


This morning I basted Virginia Bound and I have 2 other quilts/backings ready to baste.  Once I get the table set up, I want to have more than one quilt to baste.  That's not counting my 2nd surprise quilt.

I want to get started with the quilting ASAP so I will be finished with the binding by next Thursday.

This afternoon, I plan to baste DGD's Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.

Besides getting this basted, I made up a quilt panel that I had purchased several years ago at a garage sale.  It had the panel with the footprints and words as well as the pattern, but not any of the other fabric.  I'm glad I finally got this finished.  It just needs the binding.

 Sometime last year I saw this block thought it would be good for a fall project.  I don't have very many fall quilty decorations, so decided to make a table runner out of it.  Each block is 12" finished, so I decided 3 would be long enough for either my coffee table or dining room table.  I still need to get it quilted and bound.

We have had a day or two of cooler weather, and tomorrow are supposed to get some more.  Yea!!!  I love cooler days and changing leaves.  The Texas State Fair starts today and I hope it will be cool enough to go in a week or two.  It lasts about a month, I think.


  1. Oh Ruth - I am EAGER to see how you will quilt it - I have a similar quilt ready for quilting but am stumped, having large white spaces where you have strings.

    Good luck - please post some photos!!

  2. This quilt is going to look so great. I know it feels good to be so productive.

  3. I think getting any quilt basted is a big accomplishment!
    Love that cat piece, Ruth. Very cute, and a nice quilting job.
    Great Fall runner, too.

  4. Your Virginia Bound quilt is fabulous - love the scrappiness of it. Cute small projects too!

  5. virginia bound it wonderful I have a quilt similar in the works :)
    love the table runner and little quilt
    great use for a panel!
    have fun at the state fair, chose a cooler day to go!

  6. Every glimpse of that quilt makes me want to make one! It is gorgeous! The kitties and table runner are cute too. ---"Love"

  7. Love your Virginia bound quilt with all it's homespun fabrics; how neat to use lights and dark's. Kitty quilt is very nice too; as well as your table runner. You are one productive lady!

  8. You are on a roll! Virginia bound is beautiful. The table runner is a perfect choice, doesn't really say Halloween, or Thanksgiving, so you could use it all year if you wanted to.
    Kitty is cute too.
    Happy basting and then quilting.

  9. I love your scrappy Virginia Bound. That is the pattern I'm working on right now too. My colors are orange and neutrals. I can't wait to get mine to the point where yours is. lol

  10. Virginia Bound is so pretty, I love all of the plaids together and the border and corners are great with it! The kitties are so cute, too. Love those footprints. The kitties and the table runner are perfect for fall and Halloween decorating. Enjoy!