Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last March at the Dallas Quilt Show, I saw an adorable pattern.  It had three items in it, one of which was this butterfly case.

You can use it as a scissors case...

Or a glasses case...

It was kind of fun to make and I gave one to my sister for her birthday.

I finished the teen aged boys donation quilt just in time to take it to my guild meeting Monday night.
The top was made from men's shirts and the border, backing and binding was some fabric that I bought at a thrift shop and it looks like men's shirting fabric.  I love it when I find "deals!"

The color is better in the picture above but this shows the border quilting better.

The plaid square on the top right is the pocket from a shirt.  I didn't quilt over it in case whoever gets this quilt wants to use the pocket.  It even has a section to put a pen.

We always have door prizes at my guild meetings and this month I won fabric!  There is 1 yd of the top fabric,  1/2 yd of the blue fabric with the buttons on it and fat quarters of the cup/saucer and tea pot fabrics.

I especially love this blue and yellow fabric.

This is really pretty also.

Now to figure out something to make out of these.

The guild meeting was a lucky meeting for me also because I won the "President's Challenge!!"  The guild president challenged us to make a two color quilt, which I had already planned to do.  So I made sure I got it finished for this meeting.  There was even a judge to award the ribbons.  There were about 15 or so entries and they were all gorgeous quilts.  If you want to see my quilt, you will need to go to my "secret" blog because I don't want certain people to see it yet.  You will need my permission to see that blog, so let me know if you are interested.

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  1. Great donation quilt! Quilts with pockets are such fun, a place to keep the i-phone!

  2. Great job on the plaid donation quilt. You know that I love plaids in quilts! : )
    Lucky you. It was quite a night for you. : )

  3. The donation quilt looks beautiful. The quilting is great. That butterfly is so cute! looks like a fun projects.
    And you won fabric. What could be better.
    What a meeting for you!

  4. I love your color arrangement on the donation quilt, and of course, your quilting is great. The butterfly is cute as well as useful. Wondering what you'll come up with next. ---"Love"

  5. Congrats on your win. It will be nice to finally get to show off that quilt publicly, won't it? The fabrics are so pretty, I'm sure you'll find something to use them for. And the butterfly is adorable.

  6. Love the butterfly case and the teacup fabric.