Saturday, October 20, 2012


This morning I decided I wanted to get busy on Lori's quilt along named Mountain Trail.  She had already finished all the steps for it, so I was a few weeks behind because of our trip.  I got all 20 blocks finished and up on my design "door."  This is the 3rd QUA of Lori's that I have participated in.  Thanks, Lori!

This week I listened to American Patchwork and Quilting Radio and heard an interview of  Jennifer Paganelli.  I was impressed by the interview and looked up her web site.  She is a fabric and pattern designer, so I decided to order an epattern from her.  You can see what I ordered here.  I received the pattern by email and when I looked it over I was VERY impressed.  I have never seen a pattern with instructions as good as this one.  I made me think of my DIL who is starting to learn to sew and she wanted me to help her make a tunic.  The instructions for that one were deplorable!  Anyone who didn't know much about sewing would never be able to figure it out.  I'm going to tell my DIL about Jennifer's patterns.  I hope you will check them out as well.  These are patterns for clothing - for women and girls.  Each pattern has all the sizes included.

Yesterday I received a 60% off coupon for JoAnn's, so I thought this would be a good time to go and get fabric for my new tunic.  Well, as most of you know, the coupon is only good on a regular priced item.  I looked at the fabric and the only thing that I liked for the tunic was $12.99 fabric marked for 30% off, so that would make it $9.00 per yard.  That wasn't low enough for me, so I decided I would be better off using a 50% off coupon when the good fabric wasn't on sale.

I decided to look around and see if there is something else I can use the 60% off coupon on.  Then I remembered that I needed a new ironing board cover (see below).  And I saw some perfect fabric for it - a nice heavy duty muslin type, so I got to use the coupon after all.

Ironing board fabric
One of the charity projects for my guild is to make burial gowns for premature babies to be donated to children's hospital.  I got this tiny rosebud fabric at a garage sale and used it to make 17 of the little burial gowns and caps.  I just have to attach ribbons on them.

Hope you have a good weekend.  


  1. I love your Mountain Trail, Ruth. Your red is just right (like I wish mine had been).
    Isn't that the way it goes at JoAnn? Everything I want is always already on sale, but not as good a deal as it would have been with a coupon.
    How good of you to make those little burial gowns. What a thoughtful thing for grieving parents.

  2. Love your Mountain Trails Ruth!!

    Such precious little gowns. I am sure they are appreciated so much.

  3. Neat quilt.
    I have never heard of the burial gowns. What a wonderful gift at such a awful time.
    Love the Joann's coupons. I used mine today on a new quilt book. I like to use them to get books because they are always so expensive anymore and I have ton's of fabric.

  4. WOW your blocks are just beautiful. Enjoy making your quilt, I can't wait to see it finished.

  5. So many beautiful and interesting projects.

    I know what you mean about the JoAnn coupons. I'm very willing to wait for an additional 10% discount.

  6. Ruth the quilt is simply gorgeous! I love the tunic - I can't find long blouses any more since most everything I see seems to be geared for younger women who wear much skimpier things than me. :( I've ordered the pattern but it has 285 pages? How in the world did you decide which pages to print? Did you have to read every page to see if it was what you needed? I know it has several sizes but I'm a little intimidated by this! blessings, marlene

  7. Yikes! You do need a ironing board cover --- almost as badly as I do! What a pretty Mountain Trail quilt! Those little gowns are lovely, and I know the saddened parents will appreciate them! ---"Love"

  8. your quilt along turned out so great!
    My friend uses the silver coated fabric for her board and says you can find it at Joanns. It is flat folded so you have to look around for it.
    I plan to try it next time.

  9. Your mini quilt looks great. I really want to get to that one soon.
    I need a whole new ironing board. Mine is a bit wobbly at this point.
    And the cover is getting kinda ...well icky.
    That tunic looks really great. I have been thinking about trying some simple clothes. I have really only done some simple doll clothes.
    Happy stitching.

  10. Ruth, I have some fabric that would be perfect for those little gowns! White with yellow flowers! They might even be rosebuds and I have plenty of lace and ribbon. Willing to share the pattern or would you rather have the fabric?