Monday, October 22, 2012


In my last post I told you I got some fabric to make a new ironing board cover but I didn't tell you how much I paid for it.  The fabric price was $5.99 a yard - not too bad.  With 60% off, it came to $4.19 for the piece I got and I can get 2 covers, so for one, the price is $2.10!  

A couple years ago I saw this idea on the internet, I suppose on someone's blog, but I don't remember where it was.  It gave these instructions.

1.  Cut off the casing with the string running through it to reuse on the new ironing board cover (IBC), with enough extra fabric so you can sew the new fabric onto it.

2.  Lay the old IBC on top of the new fabric and cut around it.

3.  I cut about 1/2" to 3/4" out from the edge of the old IBC.

4.  Pin the new IBC onto the extra fabric that is attached to the casing for the drawstring.

5.  Sew the new IBC onto the casing.  I used my serger, but a regular straight stitch will work just fine.

 6.  View of it after I sewed it on.

7.  Put on the ironing board.  I added two layers of batting.

Doesn't that look better?  It didn't take very long at all.

I love my old fashioned wood ironing board!

Before we went on our trip, I started gathering up extra HSTs and made pinwheels out of them.  There were all different sizes, so I sewed extra fabric on the smaller ones so they would all be the same size for a donation quilt that I'm going to make.

Oh no!  I just found some more!  They keep appearing out of nowhere!

After squaring up the HST's I put them in plastic baggies so I could use them as needed.

I'm not sure if I have enough for the donation quilt yet, but I'll try to keep working on them as I find them and hopefully can get the quilt put together before December.  My guild is planning a workshop in January where we will donate a big stack of quilts to the children's hospital in memory of our member who died this year - she was a doctor at the hospital until she got sick and she got us started making quilts for them.

Have a good week!


  1. Great tips on making the cover. And I love pinwheel blocks, especially with that little border on them - so cute!!

  2. Great idea, and it looks much better than the old cup towels I pin on mine with elastic and safety pins; I may have to try it! Have fun with the half-squares! The border is another great idea! ---"Love"

  3. Very clever method for recovering the ironing board!
    HSTs are hiding everywhere, aren't they? Nice way to use them up.

  4. What A great idea! I never would have thought of reusing the casing and string. Maybe I will make my next cover.
    The pinwheels are so cute. Can't wait to see the quilt.

  5. Thanks for sharing the ironing board cover intructions. I'm filing that idea away for future use. Your pinwheels are very cute.

  6. Good tutorial on the ironing board cover.

  7. So glad you posted this! I have an overlarge board (18" wide) and go through covers fast (and they are expensive). Have to try this out with a better quality fabric! Are your HST's multiplying like wire hangers in a dark closet?


  8. Do you want some of my HSTs? I've got plenty to share, though I don't think they'll go well with what you have already... What a great idea to donate quilts in honor of a member of your group. And I love the ironing board cover idea - so very clever. Maybe I'll have to try that with my next one...

  9. Ruth, what a clever way to cover your ironing board!!! I, too, have an old wooden one that I just love!!! The pinwheels are precious!!