Monday, July 9, 2012


Last week, when I needed a break from quilting, I decided to wash and iron the doll dress for this doll as well as the christening dress that I have.  I think this was my Mom's doll, although it may have belonged to her sister.  It's only 10" long and has a porcelain head, but the body is something else - maybe paper macho.  I have shown it before in a little doll bed. 

This is the slip she wears.

The back of the slip with hand sewn buttonholes.

A better look at one of the buttonholes.

My grandmother must have sewn the clothes.

It's possible that this doll belonged to my Mom's sister,  Cora, who died on June 16, 1912 from scarlet fever.  I didn't realize that it was 100 years ago this year.  My Mom was one year old at that time.  Mom said that she loved to play with dolls and did so until she was about 13.

This christening dress was found in my Mom's stuff and we can only assume it was worn by her and possibly all her brothers and sisters.  I finally got it washed and ironed.

I got this vintage hangar last year at a flea market.

I'm going to finish my king size quilt today.  All that is left is a 2" outer border that needs quilting.  I finished the binding last night !!  Yea!!  I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow.


  1. The doll and the dress are precious!!

  2. What sweet treasures! Can you imagine having to make all of your buttonholes by hand?

  3. What a beautiful doll, and the dress is absolutely precious! What a treasure from the past! Also I'm assuming that's striped wall paper behind it? Reinds me of my dad who kept our house, and our friends' houses, papered with pretty stripes and florals. I also took a close peek at you quilting; it's great! Can't wait to see the king quilt! ---"Love"

  4. The dresses are lovely. I'm anxious to see your king quilt all completed!

  5. The doll is so sweet. the dress is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    look forward to seeing you king size quilt.

  6. What a sweet doll and christening dress!!!

  7. Love everything - the doll, the christening dress and the hanger.