Sunday, July 22, 2012


Friday and Saturday I went to the Ellis County Quilt Show.  Friday a friend of mine (non-quilter) and I went out to lunch and then to the show.  Saturday I went back to volunteer at a boutique booth and then pick up my quilts.  

Here are a very few of the quilts that were in the show.  There were a lot more that I really liked, but I didn't take a lot of pictures.

Granny's Garden by Rhonda Hughes Montee ( a member of my guild) designed by Lori Holt, I believe 
Cedar Hill Quilt Guild's raffle quilt for 2012, "Quilt Valley Farm" (my guild)

Kate's Wedding Quilt by Libby McDuffie 
Don's "Jane" by Don Locke & family
 Don hand quilted the Jane quilt by himself and made most of the blocks.  His wife did all the appliqué and his daughter and granddaughter made a few blocks.  I was happy that he was there when we (Love and I) looked at his quilt.  It kind of makes me want to think about making it someday.  I've thought about it before, so I can think about it again without making a commitment.

"Mine" by Drena Cromaz

"Memories" by Katie Redd

Black and Tan by Sue Whisennand
Love had two quilts entered in the show:  "Wise words of our Founding Fathers" and "America - Founded as a Christian Nation."  We met on Saturday afternoon and had a good time visiting and looking at quilts.  I hope she posts her quilts on her blog.

I entered three quilts in the show.  My Kaleidoscope quilt:

Colonial Glory that I got honorable mention for.

Tumbler Charm Tablerunner that I got a blue ribbon and a hand quilting award ribbon.

I got lucky!  


  1. Thank you for sharing photos. I had a last minute change of plans and wasn't able to drive down to the show on Saturday. I would love to have seen Don's Jane quilt. I know he is quite the quilter. I am looking forward to seeing his Last Supper quilt next weekend in Fort Worth.

    P.S. Congratulations on your ribbon!

  2. Fantastische Quilts. Vielen Dank für's zeigen.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. The quilts were so fun to see, thanks for taking the time to post them.

  4. Thanks for sharing some lovelies from the show. Congratulations on your ribbons...Great job!

  5. You didn't get lucky! You earned the Tumbler First Place Ribbon! Well deserved! (Just so everyone knows, those hand stitches were tiny, and the rows were very close together! Sheer perfection!) If I had been the judge, I'd have also given the Kaleiodoscope a blue ribbon! If nobody had been looking, I'd have stolen Colonial Glory! *wink* I love it too!
    Hopefully I'll get my pics onto the computer later tonight -- maybe! There surely were lots of gogeous quilts there! ---"Love"

  6. Beautiful quilts! Congratulations on the ribbons!!
    I loved seeing Don's DJ and hearing his story- so wonderful!!

  7. Congratulations! I don't think you got lucky at all! I think you earned those ribbons with your lovely work. Thasnks for sharing pictures of so many others as well.

  8. Wow, Ruth, congratulations on your ribbons. The quilting on the tumblers looks amazing!
    Each one of your quilts is a beauty!
    I enjoyed the DJ quilt and story behind it. You know, maybe I could get one finished if someone made all of the applique blocks for me. Or maybe not. : )
    Thanks for sharing these quilts with us--especially yours!

  9. Congrats on your ribbons and awards! I love your Colonial Glory quilt.

  10. Your quilts are beautiful - congratulations on the awards.


  11. Quilt ribbons! I am so impressed. Congratulations to you! Love that Dear Jane. I would like to make one of those myself. Maybe we could do a block-a-long?


  12. Congrats on the ribbons. I know it was not was your wonderful work. I am with Love. They all should have had ribbons.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts.

  13. congrats on your well deserved ribbons! Your quilting is so lovely.
    Hoooray for Don!!!!
    thanks for sharing the show quilts.