Monday, June 18, 2012


Last week was very busy for us.  We went to the Apple store 3 times to get our desktop upgraded and it's still not totally done.  I don't know why.  We may have to go back again.  With all our driving around and sitting and waiting I worked on knitting baby caps and cross stitching a new project.  (forgot to take pictures of those things).

Now, I am quilting this little quilt  - Prairie Huswyfe - that I won from a blog.

My couch project now is sewing the binding onto the back of this quilt.

Saturday was a good day!  I needed some fabric for the binding of the above quilt and I got an email from Golden D'Or, a fabric outlet in Dallas.  Since we were at the Apple store anyway, I told DH that I wanted to swing by the fabric outlet to see if I could get some blue and brown fabric - I'm low on both.  I had received a 30% off coupon (which I thought was just for one regular priced item, but it turned out it was on my total purchase of regular priced items)!!  Unfortunately, they don't have many reproduction fabrics and that is what I was looking for, but I did find these that I liked, so I bought 3 yards of each.  The "regular" price was $4.50 to $4.99 per yard, so I got all 9 yards at less than $4 per yard!!!  I will definitely be going back there more often!

I just read Lori's blog and she asked if any of us collected vintage linens and do we display them.  So I took a few pictures.
Doily on my Grandma's old book stand.

Tea towel (bought at garage sale) hanging over old rocker (also bought at garage sale).

Little tablecloth that my Mom embroidered topped with old buttons in a dish and some of my doll dishes.

Little bag that I found at a garage sale with my MIL's initials on it - H on one side and J on the other side.
I am always drawn to old linens at garage sales and thrift shops.  I want to make something out of some of them, but haven't figured out what yet.  I display some of them as you can see.  I especially look for anything with tatting on it.  Last weekend I got a hankie with exquisite tatting on it for $1.00!!  I have quite a collection of hankies now, some with crocheted edgings and some with tatting.  Any ideas?

Have a great week!


  1. Love the Prairie Housewife quilt top. That was a lucky win.
    Great bargain on the fabrics!
    I love your vintage linens. I am drawn to them, but don't know what to do with them, so I don't purchase much.

  2. Love the basket quilt, Ruth!!! What a find on the fabric!! Love a good deal!! I too, read Lori's post - I too love vintage linens!! I'll post soon about some of mine!!


  3. What a steal on the fabric! Your red basket quilt is going to be special, and your quilting on the second on is just beautiful. You'll have the binding finished by bedtime I bet! You know how I love tatting (my Mom's is out all over my house!) and crochet and embroidery. Wish I could do it all! I'm e-mailing you some pics of a hankie quilt I took at a quilt show in 2011; you might like them; maybe not; I did! ---"Love"

  4. Great fabrics. I love finding deals. All of your linens are so lovely and displayed so well around your house. I need to dig some of mine out.

  5. came here from Lori's blog to see your vintage linens as i have a serious weakness for them myself.
    love the way that you have them displayed.

    and the quilts were fun to see too~!

    many of my vintage/antique linens are not in good shape. i actually like finding the odd 'orphan' piece that is tattered because then i can use the better parts of them within my mixed media sewing pieces without guilt. actually i rarely throw out any part of them . . . i just find some way to upcycle them.

    happy to have found a kindred spirit.


  6. What a great deal on the fabrics, but I suppose the word "outlet" should have tipped me off. I wish there was something like that around here!

    Something I saw recently at a quilt show for your hankies...the quilt-maker had folded each one differently and to feature the stitching (whatever it was) on the hankie and appliqued (if that's the right word) it to a square of fabric, then made a quilt from the squares. I found it interesting, but wish I'd had time to sit down and look at each one and hear the stories of where they came from. Unfortunately that's not how quilt shows work! Just an idea...

    All your projects look great, too!

  7. That was a real bargain on the fabric. Wish we had such an outlet in my southern Ohio area.

    I love what you've done with the vintage linens, especially the table with the cloth and dishes.

  8. Love the way you have your linens displayed!!
    You won a whole quilt top from a blog?! Awesome!!

  9. You'll always win a heart with me with a basket quilt!

  10. Nice shopping and bargain hunting. You can't hardly find fabric around her for under $8/yd so you really got a deal. I am a big fan of crochet doilies and embroidered items. I keep a doily on my kitchen table - just makes it feel like home to me.