Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My DIL sent a couple pictures of Abigail that I couldn't resist showing you all.  

What a beautiful day at the beach!  And it's within a 10 minute drive for them.

I finished this donation quilt and took it to my guild meeting last night to be delivered to Children's Hospital.

By the time I finished it, the backing fabric had kind of grown on me.  I still have about 2 yards of it left.

I have been working on putting the blocks together for a king size quilt and the top is almost done!  I just have to sew a few more rows together and then do the border and I will be ready to sandwich it and quilt  it on my new sewing machine.  I hope it will fit.  If it doesn't, I will call my friend to see if I can quilt the middle part on her HQ machine and then I will finish it at home.

We had more rain on Sunday and I think we're supposed to get more during this week.  It's good to have a rainy spring again.


  1. Abigail is such a cutie. And what is this king-size quilt? Have we seen photos or is it top secret?

  2. She is so sweet! I like the little surprise boxes in the quilt, too!


  3. What a precious little girl! Just want to give her a squeeze!
    The donation quilt turned out great! (I still haven't quilted anything that large on my new machine.) I will be interested to hear how things go with the quilting of the king-size quilt. And I echo Katie--have we seen this one?

  4. Abigail is adorable, and I'm jealous again --- no granddaughters! *frown* Your donation string quilt turned out great; someone will love it! I'm sure you will be able to quilt your king quilt with no hesitation!---"Love"

  5. She is adorable .... but you already knew that!

    Great way to get rid of fabric that may not be your favorite in the stash!!

  6. Abigil is just adorable. She is looking so grown up.
    That donation quilt is amazing!!!
    And a king size quilt nearly done.
    Wanna come help me sew a bit? LOL

  7. She is adorable as well as your quilt!

  8. Abigail is adorable. Love her at the beach with her glasses!!! Too cute!

    Fantastic quilt that I know someone will love.

  9. Great job. Your granddaughter is adorable. Have a great week.

  10. She sure is growing - the picture of her the beach is wonderful.
    Your string quilt turned out great, good luck with quilting the larger quilt.

  11. Oh my! What a cutie...thanks for sharing your adorable little one with us! And I LOVE your string quilt!!!

  12. Abigail is so beautiful - and looks so happy. The donation quilt is great.