Saturday, April 14, 2012


A few months ago I had a problem with blogger and I couldn't get into my blog at all!  I was horrified and afraid that I had lost it all.  My friend "Love" had advised me prior to this that she had been printing her blog posts out.  I had seen the web site "Blog2Print" and decided to check it out.  

The nice thing about it is that you have a lot of options that can save money, such as positioning the pictures so they don't take up as much space, softcover or hardcover, and black & white instead of color.

I decided on a softcover book in color and ordered one for the first year of my blog.  It turned out to be 64 pages long.  I was pretty happy with the results, so I recently ordered the second year, 2009 (66 pages).  They are pictured below with a sample page from each book.  I plan on ordering them by the year every few months until I am caught up to this year and then can order from then on in January.  

I'm real happy I did it and am wondering if any of you would be interested.  If you are, I can get "points"  for referring people, so go ahead and look at their website and if you think you might want to do it, leave a comment for me and I will "refer" you through their site.  That way, if you do decide to order, I will get some points towards my other books.  

Please don't feel pressured in any way, even if you decide you want me to refer you.  I sure don't want anyone to feel obligated and I sure don't want to lose any friends over something like this.

Below are my travel projects ready for a short trip.  They are piecing projects that will be easy to work on in the camper.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That is a great idea! So, how do I get referred?

    Looks like a lot of projects for a short trip;)

  2. I would be very interested. Do what you have to do to refer me, and let me know when I can get online and order my first year's blog in print.

  3. I guess I need to wait until I have been blogging for a year and then see if I want to preserve that year or not. : )
    But it looks like a really cool thing!
    Looks like you are prepared with projects for a long trip!! I always take a bunch of stuff and hardly ever do any of it.

  4. You can also just export the file so you can keep a backup. I do that fairly often so I wouldn't lose much.

  5. That book looks really cool. I will have to check out the website. If I plan to print I will contact you for a referal. Thanks for the info.
    Have a great trip.

  6. Your Blog Book looks great --- very professional, and the website is very interesting. I may decide to do it later, and if so, I'll tell them you referred me; no problem there. I probably won't do it immediately; remember what happens to me when I make snap decisions? I often live to regret it! *giggle* It certainly would look much better than what I've printed! Thanks for sharing the link! Looks like you two are ready to roll again; have fun, and be careful! ---"Love"

  7. I have always printed a copy of my posts which now fill several big binders and my daughters had a book of my first year printed for me 4 or 5 years ago. It's a wonderful idea.

  8. I've heard of this before but did nothing about it. Maybe it's time!!

  9. I have printed my blog as well. It is so nice to be able to look back on what I have accomplished, and where I have gone. I am so glad you found out about doing it. Since I am having trouble with doing my blog on the home computer, I am going to print mine again, but this time from the laptop. Have fun!!

  10. please refer me! I'd love to do this!

  11. great idea! I just registered, but I didn't realize you could benefit.
    Maybe I can still do that?
    love this idea!

  12. O!! what a wonderful idea to print your blog! I would luv to do this..I need to go check it out. If you still have time to refer me...please do =)