Sunday, September 4, 2011


We finally arrived at home on 9/1/11 after being gone for 109 days!  We had a wonderful trip, saw lots of wonderful sites, visited family and attended my 50 year high school reunion.  We packed a lot into those days and travelled thousands of miles.  But, it is so good to be home and sleeping in our king size bed!!  I had to show you some more pictures of Jonah and Eli.

Jonah and Eli heading for the first day of Mother's Day Out

Mommy, Eli and Jonah at the church

Eli with  his new teacher!
DS#3, Jonah, Grandpa & Eli

While visiting my SIL in eastern Oregon a couple years ago, she was showing me some of the fabric & quilts that she inherited from her mother.  She also showed me some of the things from our MIL who lived near them before she died.  One item was a crocheted tablecloth that was never finished.  At the time, I was not sure, but the more I thought about it, I became convinced that it was the tablecloth that my MIL started for me.  She actually gave it to me as a wedding shower gift and then said she needed to finish it, so she took it back.  I never remembered getting it back, while she was sure she had finished it and given it to me.  

This is the tablecloth now.  It's about 4' x 6' and there are some squares finished but not attached.
 I'm not sure what I will do with it.  I doubt if I will ever finish it.  Any ideas?  It is lovely and I do love crocheted things.

I acquired a few things while on the trip at antique shops and/or garage sales.  If you have ever seen Blackbird Designs blog, this is my attempt to copy their design.  Now I need an old key.

I couldn't resist this cup - it's so delicate.  I'm amazed it arrived here intact after being jostled over the road all the way from Oregon.

I got 2 hens on nests at an antique mall.  I have a little collection of them.

 I also won a giveaway!  It is a wool applique pumpkin from .  She had the giveaway on her blog here.   Thanks, JoAnn!  I love wool applique and this one looks like fun!

My sewing room is a jumble of fabric, blocks I pieced on the trip and half unpacked boxes.  I hope to get some organization done in the next week.  In the mean time, I'm enjoying having a comfortable couch to sit in and a super comfortable bed to sleep in!  The added bonus is that it looks like the 100 degree temps for Texas have ended.  Hey, it's only 94 right now!!


  1. That tablecloth is stunning. If you have enough pieces to add another row, do so. If not, finish the edge, if necessary, and leave it as it. Use the extra blocks for something to complement it. Love all your little finds. Welcome Home!


  2. I'm glad you are home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and taking us "along" on your adventure. The tablecloth is beautiful and all of your treasures are so nice. Enjoy being home for a while, now it is time to unpack!

  3. WELCOME HOME! What treasures you brought with you! The tablecloth is gorgeous! You will find a place for it I'm sure; Liri made good suggestions. It's no wonder we get along so well; we like so many of the same things: handwork of all kinds, chickens, cups and saucers, especially with pink roses! Lovely, for sure, but probably the greatest treasures are those cute little boys! I especially like the 3-generation picture of the guys! ---"Love"

  4. Yay for being home! Yay for comfy beds and couches! The tablecloth is wonderful. Maybe you just need to go shopping and find a table to fit it? Or maybe drape it across the end of a bed (maybe the dimensions in my head are off for this) so you can show it off?

  5. Welcome Home-----just in time for the cooler weather. Love hens in nest, I have quite a collection also------all sizes.

  6. Welcome home! What an adventure! I loved tagging along through your blog posts. :)
    I think you found wonderful treasures. The hens made me smile because my Mom has a little collection of them, too.
    The grandsons are adorable! And I'm so glad to learn that your son doesn't have to leave for Iraq! Blessings abound. :)

  7. Glad that you are home safe. I bet you own bed felt wonderful after all your time out and about.
    Beautiful tablecloth!
    Love the pics of Jonah and Eli. The one of them with Dad and Grandpa is really a special photo. So happy that your son is home (as I am sure you are too).
    Enjoy settling back in. Rest up.

  8. So glad you made it home safely. that is a beautiful table cover, and I suggest you use it just as is.

  9. I have a crocheted table cover almost just like that...and my mom made it in the 40's or 50's and she often used it to be a coverlet over a quilt on her bed. :)

  10. Not many folks crochet like that any more. It's a fabulous heirloom piece. You have such a handsome family Ruth. They must make you so proud. Lots of lovely goodies to play with now that you are home. Ann :-)