Monday, August 29, 2011



4:00 PM  DS#3 just called to say that he is coming home instead of going to Iraq now!!!!  We are so happy.  Apparently, the ones in charge decided that no more personnel needed to go for the position he was to do for one year.  If he goes later, it will be for 4 months and would probably be in January - not as bad as a whole year.  Our DIL is very happy!  

The last leg of our trip we detoured to DS#3's home so we could see him before he deployed to Iraq.  Also to spend some time with our DIL & 2 GSs for the adjustment period after Daddy left.  The adjustment is hardest on Mommy and we hope we have been helping in some small way.  Tomorrow, both boys will start a Mother's Day Out program for 2 mornings per week.  At least this will give her time to shop and take care of some errands.  She is also looking for someone to come in to help in the evenings.

DS is actually in New Jersey for 3 weeks before he leaves for Iraq in order to get some training.

Saturday my DIL & I took the boys to the park for a little while - time needed for Jonah to run off some of his energy.  Of course, the only picture that turned out of him is while he is sitting down.  I can't believe the energy he has after supper!  We always go for a walk, but that's not enough.  We then have to hit the T-ball or throw the frisby.  Luckily, he chases it most of the time.  This Grandma is too tired by then!
Eli swinging at Park
Jonah digging at the Park
Big brother helping feed Eli
Grandma & Grandpa (us) are getting ready to go home next Monday.  We are looking forward to sleeping in our king size bed again!  The trip has been wonderful, but in the future, I would prefer shorter trips - maybe 5-6 weeks at the most.  We'll see, because I don't see any long trips in our future for a while (except to visit little grandchildren).  

Thanks for all the sweet comments.  


  1. Hooray for your son! Your grandsons are absolutely adorable!


  2. I am so very happy that your son will not be heading to Iraq, at least not now. I bet DIL is more than excited.
    The boys are adorable. I can't believe how much Eli has grown. How soon will your son be home?
    Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  3. That is awesome about your son....I am jumping up and down for you. What cuties you have there!

  4. Too cute grandsons. Jonah is looking so grown up already! And I'm so happy to hear your son won't be going to Iraq. I'm guessing his wife is the happiest lady for many miles around having heard that news.

  5. Those little boys keep getting cuter and cuter. Good news about your son!

  6. Glad your son will be able to be home for the holidays;)And glad you got to do some visiting;) I am sure it all made everyone feel good;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. What a stress reliever for all concerned to know that Iraq will not be in your son's immediate future! No doubt everyone will be sleeping better tonight! Those little ones need Daddy around much closer than Iraq! So does their mommy!---and HIS mom and dad!! I'm very happy for you.
    Hey, the weatherman said you may be driving home in the rain next week! That would be wonderful news too! Do be careful; see you before too long maybe! ---"Love"

  8. That's good news for your son and the family. Your grandsons are adorable but they are growing up fast! Ann :-)

  9. What fabulous news for the family about your son. Your Grandbabies are adorable.

  10. What a wonderful surprise for your family! So glad he'll be home with his wife and kids a little longer at least. I can see a family resemblance to you in Jonah now. Very handsome kiddos, both of them.