Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last year Karen from Log Cabin Quilter sent me some vintage potholders.  I posted a couple pictures, but am finally getting around to a couple more.  I found this small wood rake at a garage sale for 10 cents and took all the lace and ribbon off of it, DH painted it black and I hung it on the side of my china cabinet.  

This is the side view of my china cabinet.
This is the view from the front.  These are some of the cutest little potholder dresses that I have ever seen.

It seems that after Christmas, when the mad rush is over, I like to work on some Christmas items.  A couple years ago I bought the Art to Heart book "I Believe" by Nancy Halvorsen, and I hadn't made anything from it.  I was looking through it one day and decided to make some tree ornaments for the grandchildren.  They don't read my blog (or if the older ones ever do, they haven't told me), so I'm posting the pictures.
The Santa ornament is for Jonah.
The singing cats are for our 15 year old grandson - he is musically inclined.
The girls (2 of them) will each get an angel.
And the baby Jesus is for Eli.  It feels good to have these done for next Christmas.

A week ago or so I spray basted this basket quilt in two sections and I've been thinking about how to quilt it.  I didn't want to do an over-all pattern.  Today I decided to get with the program and get started.  I did a vine with leaves in the sashing, but that picture didn't download for some reason.  I'll post it next time.
I'm using Aurifil thread and really like it.  It's the first spool I have ever tried and I'll definitely get more!


  1. Your little potholder dresses look great displayed on the wooden rake. That was a great find. I love all of your little ornaments, I have several Christmas project books with ornaments in them, those would be good "busy work" projects to make for our grandkids. You gave me an idea! I really like the quilting on the baskets, did you do it all free-motion or do you mark it before stitching? It looks great.

  2. You found a good way to display the dress potholders.

  3. I love the way the crocheted dresses are hanging! They are so cute!!

    I'm loving the quilt! The quilting looks good to me. What weight is the aurifil thread you are using?

  4. The ornaments are all so pretty.
    Love how you quilted the baskets - Aurifil is one of my favorite threads for quilting - I am always amazed at how the colours seem to blend in.♥

  5. Those Christmas ornaments are precious; the kids will love them! The quilting on your baskets looks great to me. As I looked at it, I had the same question as Marsha. Did you mark it or free-motion? Whichever, it is very nice! Wish I could do that! And of course, I love the little crocheted dresses! ---"Love"

  6. I just love how you are quilting this your design.

    Love the vintage potholders and all of the Christmas items you have done, getting a head start!!

  7. I love your vintage potholders and displaying them on the rake is a great idea (think I'll have to buy me a rake!!!) I thought I was the only one that made stuff for Christmas after Christmas...LOL! Love the decorations you made :)

  8. Love all the projects! Your work is beautiful! The potholders are just gorgeous. Doesn't the imagination and skill displayed in these old crocheted pieces just amaze you?


  9. The ornaments are adorable, but you're going to make the rest of us look bad starting so soon! I love the quilting you're doing on the basket quilt. It looks fantastic.

  10. I have one of Nancy Halverson's Halloween books and haven't made a thing from it, either. But she has some really cute projects. Maybe to do the applique's in wool would be better for me! Don't you just love that Aurifil thread? I use it all the time now and love, love, love it.

  11. The rake was a great find;) Re-purposing things like that is fun;) The Christmas ornaments are adorable;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  12. Ok in order of appearance: the potholders are so cute and I love the rake. I have a couple of pieces my grandmother made that I wanted toput into a shadow box. Maybe I should try to be more creative.
    I think those ornaments are so adorable. I love her designs.
    The quilting on the baskets is perfect. I have never tried Aurifil but now I will have to.
    Happy stitching.

  13. You're certainly ahaed of the game for next Christmas! The ornaments are very sweet. I love the quilting you have done on your quilt. I've got a spool of Aurifil on my sewing table ready for me to try, if I can just find time to get quilting anytime soon!

  14. I have that I Believe book and love it - haven't made anything yet but I do just sit and look at it sometimes with amazement. blessings, marlene