Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's been a while since I blogged - I have been keeping very busy not only just making these blocks, but I finished a strip quilt top and I'm waiting to get some batting to be able to quilt that.  

We kept warm and stayed inside for all the bad weather, snow and ice.  If you saw any news coverage of the weather around the Super Bowl, you know how much snow and ice we had because we live about 10 miles from Cowboy Stadium.

I was very happy to see this log cabin block was the Civil War block for this week - it's the easiest one so far!
Last weeks civil war block was a lot harder, but I got it done!  I plan to keep up on these each week while I'm home.  Hopefully, I can do them when we're out of town too or I will get behind fast.

These next six blocks are for my Thread Head quilt-along. 

We got this cute picture of Jonah by email this week.  As you can see he's studying up on being a 2-year-old!  I'm sure his parents appreciate that.

Thanks for all your comments!


  1. That Jonah is such a cutie! I think he favors his Granny!
    (Love that Tony Bennett song; got to stop and go fly with him!)
    I have a problem, and you are helping me with it, totally unaware. I love the fabrics in your Civil War blocks, but when I get to the store, I don't buy them; why??? I wish I knew! Then I see more of your gorgeous blocks, and I want to go to the store. One day soon I'm going to do it! Keep showing them to me! ---"Love"

  2. Beautiful blocks and grandson!♥

  3. Of course, he'll be one of the smartest grandsons!

    Love your blocks especially the thread head ones. So pretty!

  4. Oh, wow!!...he's studying to be a two year old?? Look out, parents, here it comes;) LOL;) Love it;)
    Your blocks are coming along great;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. Beautiful blocks! I haven't started my Civil War blocks. I need to before I get too behind and give up.

  6. Jonah is such a handsome little guy. He shouldn't study too hard, they grow up too fast the way it is! Your Civil War blocks are great and I love your other six blocks, too. Your fabrics are just perfect! Great job.

  7. Love the blocks - and teachers always love to see a kid reading a good book. :) Jonah is a cutie-pie!

  8. If Jonah only knew what he was actually reading...too funny! But I suppose if he starts acting out in new ways, his mom and dad will know where he got the ideas. :) Your blocks are looking great, too!

  9. Love to see a young person actually reading a real book! All your blocks are wonderful.

  10. The book title is so cute and Jonah is a little doll! Your blocks are coming along and your fabric choices are just perfect!


  11. I would love to just give Jonah a looong hug. He just keeps getting cuter all the time.
    Your blocks make me want to pull out some of my repo fabrics and get going.
    I will control myself (maybe) and finish some projects up first.