Saturday, October 3, 2009


Christmas of 2007, my granddaughter wanted a new quilt and she drew out the design she wanted. We bought fabric and got it just about finished during their 2 week visit. Last March, when we were visiting them, I thought, why not make it up as a pattern and see if anyone else would enjoy it also? My DIL prepared the diagram on CAD (she is an architect) and I figured out the yardage and wrote up the instructions. It took a while, but now we have a finished product! I will be listing it on my etsy site:

See her quilt below (and the blog I wrote about it here).
I made the one below for my GD's brother. It is more scrappy (and masculine).

There is a new blogger who is having a drawing here. Go visit her and join in on her first drawing!


  1. Beautiful Quilt!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and signing up for my blog give away..

    Good luck


  2. It's very pretty! I love the design in the center. Good luck with it in your etsy shop!

  3. Both are very nice patterns and quilts!

  4. CAD does make it easier to do the math in quilts. I use CAD also but in civil engineering.

    The quilt is lovely. I'll bet there are a zillion different color combinations that could be done. Baby colors would be great!

  5. this is a perfect 'guys' quilt. Love it, I have 3 sons so I always looking for something manly. Thanks for sharing, stephanie