Sunday, April 5, 2009


One of the highlights of my trip to Oregon (besides being with family) is my visit with Christine LeFever, a maker of dolls in early styles. I read about her in the February issue of Country Living magazine. From the magazine, I found her web site and from there I found her blog . I'm not sure where I got the nerve, but I emailed her and asked if I could visit to see how she makes the dolls. She graciously said "yes."
I went with my DIL & GD to visit her at her lovely home and she immediately made us feel comfortable. She showed us around and gave us a lot of interesting information about Oregon. Her house was built in the 1800's (I forget the year) at the end of the Oregon Trail. She has it decorated with antiques and it is wonderful! She makes the doll heads in a mold and the bodies out of cloth. She loves all things old. Unfortunately, some of the pictures I took were blurred, but the one above shows some of the doll heads waiting for bodies to be made for them. You can see some finished dolls at her web site and will know why she was picked to be featured in the magazine. I want to make some dolls also, but I'm sure they won't measure up to hers.

This picture below is a cute little table in the entry hall. I don't believe this doll is one she made.
The bed in her guest bedroom has a wonderful antique quilt on it.
Here's a picture of me and Christine in the guest bedroom with some of her collections.
This visit was such fun and I'm hoping that I can visit her again some time. Travelling out to Oregon by plane and seeing the rugged wilderness, I am amazed that people used to travel out there by wagon train. Those people were brave! It makes us seem rather wimpy, doesn't it?

Thanks, Christine, for the wonderful time!


  1. WOW What an awesome time you must have had....I'm envious!

  2. How wonderful to be granted an audience and tour her home. The antique quilt is wonderful and so incredibly precious...Ann :)

  3. What a fun visit that was too. Your DIL & GD are adorable girls too. Thank you with all my heart for your kind words, and indeed, do visit again. Re: the doll in the entry hall, she is the actual antique of the one I make called Emma.

    Thank you again for your wonderfulness!


  4. How lucky she was open to giving you a tour. Looks like she has a wonderful collection.

  5. Oh my gosh! That quilt on the bed is fabulous. I will have to print a color picture off of it to admire and put on my bulletin board. It is so incredible!

    Thanks for your sweet words to my daughter on my blog.

  6. What a beautiful home full of a beautiful of dolls..
    Love that quilt on the bed..
    Julia ♥

  7. What a fun trip and a great place. I know one thing, this gal wasnt cut out for a covered wagon. lolol