Thursday, April 2, 2009


We just returned from a fabulous trip to Oregon to visit my BIL/SIL and son#1's family. Below is a pic of our son's house (built around 1890) which they moved into last summer. (Do you see the black cat)? The trees and flowers were beautiful! The pic above was taken while driving over Mt. Hood - we had to get a car with 4-wheel drive because of the snow. Sure was pretty!
I missed doing much blogging while there. However, I was able to do some shopping in quilt stores!! Below are some pictures of my purchases. The first one has some scraps from a neat shop in McMinnville, OR (Boersma's). They have a chest with scraps costing 50 cents per ounce. I purchased some pieces that I can use in eye spy quilts, etc.
They also had these Moda scrap bags for $9.99 with lots of strips. The strips are about 4" wide. I have gotten these near home also, but this bag seemed fuller!
The buttons are also from Boersma's in McMinnville. You can pick out buttons from a bin and put them into a cup for $1.50. My GD got 2 cups full and I got 1 cup! I also got the charm pack on the right from them. The other items below are from a quilt shop in Prineville OR, Bend, OR and Sisters, OR. I didn't buy too much, did I? I love the quilt shop in Sisters (The Stitchin' Post), but they have mostly more modern fabrics and I'm rather partial to reproductions.
In Prineville, my SIL & I went to an estate sale and I got 12 yards of quilting fabric for $9.00!!!! That's my kind of price. I also got these hankies - someday I'm going to figure out something to make with them. Anyone have any ideas? I've been collecting this type of hanky for a while.
Next post I'll tell you about a very special visit I had with a famous doll maker. I'll do that this weekend! It's good to be back home, but I'm not so sure I'm glad to be back at work. I need time to sew!!!!!


  1. What a beautiful picture book house! You have some fantastic bits and pieces there. A good trip by all accounts.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. Ruth, Glad you are back!!!! missed you! Glad you had a great visit.

    I LOVE your purchases! Thanks for taking time to photo them and Share with us! Ooooh FUN!

    I'm working on a project too but have not had a chance to take pics and blog it yet.

    Eager to see what you are up to!


  3. Great loot, I loved Oregon when we were there. Unfortunately, Mt. Hood was completely covered with clouds. We saw nothing.........
    the house is fabulous, I know they enjoy living there. Glad you are back with us, sorry you have to go back to work, but that's LIFE..

  4. Welcome home! I have a niece in Bend, Oregon and she has invited me out to spend some time with them. I might just have to take her up on that. Your purchases look great to me, and no, you did not buy too much, you did just right.

  5. HI! it's fun to see your pictures from the visit, I was so sad we had to be away while you were here, but so glad we could see you one day :0)I hope next time you come we can go visit your doll friend again.

    the hankies--I think I've seen someone make a collage with them, they cut them up a bit(eeek!), added embroidery, buttons, it was made into like a family tree info collage, birthdays, anniversaries--a few old pix were added into the mix by printing the photo on fabric(I think you make a b/w photocopy and iron it onto the fabric--there may be somesort of solution in the process, maybe you already know how to do it). Celeste

    PS< Ihave a few hankies from my mom, I should do that! ha yet another project...