Saturday, October 15, 2022


Recently I went to a quilt show in Hillsboro, OR, which is about a one hour drive from my house.  This is my second quilt show since COVID.  Things are gradually getting back to normal!  Here are the pictures that I took.

This one is really cute!

Wow!  Lots of work here!

My Favorite!

I really thought the description would have been about seeing sea turtles while  on a trip to Hawaii, or something like that.  But I'm sure it makes a super nice cover.

I'm proud of myself for adding another post so soon!  I plan to add another one in a few days! It's always fun to go to quilt shows and see what other quilters are making.  

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. what a nice eclectic mix of quilt those vintage diamonds...

  2. Thanks for sharing photos. I had hoped to go to the quilt show also (I live about half an hour away), but my husband ended up taking the car to go help his injured mother so I wasn't able to make it. Hopefully next year.

  3. I love quilt shows just for the ideas and eye candy. I went to two this month, but I probably won’t go to any more for the year. Those are the only two I’ve been to this year, BTW. I made one feathered star block, and I snapped a pic at one of the quilt show for border ideas, medallion style. I like the one you show, with it on point. I also like the first pic of the bird quilt…so cute!

  4. I enjoyed seeing the show through your eyes. Because I am, especially partial to sea turtles, that quilt really caught my eye--but I enjoyed them all.
    Good for you posting again so soon--something I don't seem to have been able to accomplish. :)

  5. What fun quilts and such a variety. I missed a semi-local quilt show last weekend due to work, so this was nice that you took me along to yours...kinda made up for it and no temptation at the vendors! Anything here that has inspired you to start a new project?

  6. Love the quilts. Thanks for posting.

  7. It is so fun to be returning to quilt shows! Looks like this was a good one.