Friday, March 19, 2021


Believe it or not I've been busy quilting!!  I showed you this string quilt a couple posts ago and I had to buy some backing fabric before I could get it quilted.  So, I took a trip to Joann's, deciding to go their first and if they didn't have anything I liked, I would then go to my LQS.  At first, I didn't see anything at Joann's that I liked, but when I looked a little more, I found something.  Of course, all the fabric in the store was marked down to a sale price, so I couldn't use the 60% coupon that I had.

I finished quilting the string quilt.  This is the backing I bought for the string quilt.

I found this paw print fabric for the cat quilt. 

So I moved on to quilting the cat quilt.  I love this one!  The fabrics were cut out probably over 10 years ago!  What a UFO!  I enjoyed making the blocks so much, that I have already cut out a lot of fabrics for another one.

With the spring almost here, I have been doing a little yard work.  I am old now, so I can't spend too long out there at a time.  I decided to hire someone to help get the yard in order and put down mulch.  But before he comes, I'm trying to clean up the flower beds.  I'm not going to plant any vegetables this year.  It's not worth it to me since there is a farm nearby where I can get fresh veggies for great prices.  I guess I'm getting lazy.  I have always dreaded the summer coming (especially when we lived in Texas) due to the heat and having to do yard work.  At least it isn't so hot here in Oregon!  I am weird, I know.  But during the winter, there's no yard work needed (except mowing the grass a couple times) and it is very cozy inside.  More time to quilt!!

The trees are starting to bloom now and daffodils are blooming all over town!  Happy Spring, everybody!


  1. Love your quilts and the backing is perfect!
    It is so nice to be able to get farm fresh veggies/meat/milk these days!

  2. I really like your string quilt! It is different from most everyone's, and the not-string half is very interesting. Your cat quilt turned out really cute too. Can you believe I'm working on getting my Civil War blocks together from 2011?!!! Still having picture loading on my overloaded picture file! Hope to get that fixed soon. I'm looking forward to Spring here tomorrow! Then rain again next week. Have a good day, and don't work too hard in the yard. I'll have to hire mine done this year. Son Mike mowed yesterday, but doesn't like to do flower beds, or trim roses. --"Love"

  3. Love the string quilt and of course the kitties. Ruth you are NOT OLD your just doing what you like instead. I’m there as well lol.

  4. The string quilt is fun and the kitties are cute! We aren't quite to weather that demands yardwork here, but it is coming. Not my favorite thing, what with mosquitoes and ticks, but I plan to make a better effort this year than last...famous last words?!

  5. The string quilt with polka dot triangles is really fun!
    The paw print fabric is the perfect back for the cat quilt. It does look like a fun one to put together.
    I enjoy yardwork, but there just isn't enough time in a week to keep up with it and still do any quilting.