Saturday, February 13, 2021

Another UFO!

 As I was looking for something in my fabric closet, I cam across a baggie with some pieces that I had cut at least 10 years ago.  There was also a book named "The Cat's Meow, Purr-fect Quilts for Cat Lovers", but Janet Kime.  I decided to make a few blocks and see how they turned out.  They were fun and easy to make, so I kept going until all the pieces were finished.  Here's a picture of some of the blocks on the design wall.  I remember cutting these out and wonder why it has taken so long to make this up. 


I used different scraps of background fabric for them.  My granddaughter came over and she loved it and did some sewing on it as well.  It is ready for quilting now.   I wonder if there are more UFOs lurking in the shadows!  If they are, I need to get them all finished.  That would be great!  BTW, is fabric that is being saved for something considered a UFO when you aren't sure exactly what it will be made into?

I made a Valentine pillow for a young friend of mine and plan to deliver it today.

The other day when I went out I saw some tiny grape hyacinths in my garden!  I love them!  This morning there is a couple inches of snow on the ground.  I don't think it will last very long as it's supposed to get up to 43º today and it will turn to rain.  It's nothing compared to other parts of the country.

Just a short post for today which is better than nothing.  I have been very bad about posting lately.  Hope you are keeping warm and dry!


  1. That's a big litter of kittens. They are well behaved and play well together. Kudos to you for getting an old UFO together. The little heart is so charming. It's nice to see some colour in the garden. Up here, everything is still very white and will be for a long while still. ;^)

  2. Very cute kitty quilt!
    And a sweet Valentine pillow for your friend.
    We used to have grape hyacinth growing on one side of our house. I remember playing with them often.
    I don't think it is a UFO unless you have actually started cutting things out. Until then it is just fabric that has been set aside for consideration. :)

  3. The kitties are such fun and it's very cool your granddaughter jumped in to help! The little pillow is sweet and I'm sure will be loved. I wish we had grape hyacinths popping up here, but that will take at least another month. Yesterday we got a few inches of snow. Fluffy and light, but I know as spring approaches it will become heavier and wetter, though I guess that is a trade-off for warmer temperatures? (I'll be happy for even warmer when the precipitation has no danger of being solid, though!) As for exhausting that even possible?!

  4. I think your photo of the grape hyacinths might be FAKE news! 8-)))) LOL Here we are with 12-14 inches of snow, temps hovering at zero, and you have spring flowers? I just can't be true?????? Good reminder though, spring usually DOES come. Cute little kittens --- those aren't fake.