Thursday, February 4, 2021

2020 Review

Lately I have been keeping a journal of quilting progress and last fall I looked through my blog (From 2007 thru 2019) and made a list of all the quilts that were featured on my blog.  I wrote them down and counted five categories:  Donation, Gifted to family, Gifted to friends, Sell and Keep.  This week I went through my 2020  posts and added them to the list.  The list doesn't include any quilts that I didn't post on the blog - mostly ones that I sold I suppose.  Anyway, my list for all those years is up to 323 quilts.  Of course a lot of those are small ones such as doll quilts.  The major quilts for 2020 are on the "2020 Finishes" list.  I'm not going to show all the quilts in this post.

This morning, I finished the main section of the quilt (with no name) that I'm working on. In order to get this part finished, I had to piece the lighter colored portion of 2 setting triangles.  I had found it at a quilt shop in Washington and ordered it, but they refunded my money saying that they couldn't fill the order.  My LQS didn't have any of it (that's where I got it).  I did have some small pieces and pieced them together so I could finish the triangles. I don't think it's very obvious, so that is good.  The next part will be borders that will make it into queen size.  I'm going to put it away for a while.  This picture isn't very good, but is the best I could do with it on the floor.  

This is the last block that I made and I think it's my favorite block.  I found it in a 100 block magazine from several years ago.  The blocks measure 12 1/2".

My priority for next week will be taxes!  Ugh!!  I'm sure I will do some sewing too, but it will probably be on some projects that are ongoing piecing - like string blocks or Christmas star blocks.  

In know some of you are getting a lot of snow and hope that you don't have to go out in it too much.  My sister near Chicago is supposed to get snow later today.  Stay warm!


  1. 323 is a lot of quilts! I never thought to tally them all...I might have to do that! The quilt you shared looks great and the change in fabrics doesn't stand out to me, so I'm sure it will be fine. I've been doing a bit of that substituting myself and think it will be a reminder, years from now, what we were all going through and making do. Though it may be interesting what historians 50 or 100 years out speculate!

  2. I really like that big blue center block! I like the others too, but that one really holds my attention, so much so that I decided to try to make it too, after your last blog post. I had nothing really in mind for it; just liked it so much I just had to try it to pass some time. You might know I chose a directional fabric, and you know how I am about having everything going the same direction, particularly little flowers! I got the four corners done with all the little half-square triangles just fine. However, they look a little weird with the little stems and flowers all pointing the same direction (north!), and not toward the center. I lost interest, of course, and have not made the flying geese and center block yet. It's still lying on my work table all alone. I switched off to make face masks for my son to wear to work. I should have known directional fabric would not be good for that pattern! Maybe I'll get the geese done someday and get the block together! In the meantime, I'll just sit and admire yours! It will be a beautiful quilt, with lots of work in it! I've got to get to work on taxes too; I think I have everything in now, so maybe next week. ---"Love"

  3. I kept a quilt journal before I started blogging, so I guess I could go back and figure out how many quilts I have made, but most of my quilts wouldn't keep anyone warm, so it would be a false positive number. :)
    You have been very productive!!
    That is a great looking quilt--love that center medallion.
    Oh, taxes--I have done my parents' taxes for several years, but I am paying someone to do them this year. I do not need that stress right now. Good luck with yours!

  4. First, congratulations on this top. I love it! Love the last block you made. Second, congratulations! 323 quilt is a lot of hours spend with fabrics and you probably gave most of them away. That's quite a life accomplishment. Bravo! and I wish you so many, many more. ;^)