Thursday, September 12, 2019


I've been busy quilting and piecing lately.  When I got the top of the unicorn pillow finished, I figured I might as well go ahead and finish it, so now I am ahead on my birthday gift for DGD Abby who will be 11 right after Christmas.  I decided to give her the pillow for her birthday so that her friends will be there when she opens it!

I wasn't sure how I was going to quilt it and just started by quilting around the unicorn head.  Sometimes when I don't know what I will do, it helps to just get started with something.  I thought that wiggly lines of quilting down the mane strips would work.

Here's a close up of the head.

 The backing fabric is by Tula Pink.  Can you see the unicorns in it?

A closer up picture of the unicorn in the fabric.  I quilted the back with cross hatching.

Then on Sunday I decided to get busy and start on this Christmas quilt and I cut out all the pieces.  This was a kit (by Maywood Studio) and I hardly ever buy quilt kits.  All the pieced blocks are done and the next step is to stitch around the appliqué pieces.  I'll use a blanket stitch on my machine.  The setting triangles aren't cut yet, but it's a gold fabric.  I will have to buy the backing fabric.

My married DGD has been in town this week and she went to my quilt guild meeting with me.  She really enjoyed it!  The program was presented by a special speaker from Quilts For Empowerment, a group that works with women in Kenya.  My DGD went on a mission trip for 2 weeks to the same area of Kenya and spent 7 years early in her life in Africa, so the program was of special interest to her.  She has also been helping me with some hand sewing.  I love having her here.

DH had a new pacemaker installed yesterday, so I spent all morning at the hospital.  It went well for him and I got some knitting done while there.  Today he is having quite a bit of pain, so I hope that will subside soon.


  1. The unicorn is perfect and I'm sure your granddaughter will love it! (She might have a few envious friends at the party as well...) And I do hope your hubby mends quickly. It is hard to see them hurting and be unable to do much to help.

  2. Great job quilting the unicorn. I think you did well choosing the designs. And that backing is perfect!
    Wow--you really got serious about the Christmas quilt once you got started. It looks really good.
    What a great experience for you to share with your granddaughter!
    Hope all goes well with your hubby's recovery.

  3. Your Abby will love her new pillow, I know my Abby would! Best wishes to your hubby, hope the pain subsides very soon.

  4. Love the unicorn - especially the backing fabric.
    Ed had his pacemaker replaced August 2 and he is doing fabulous.
    Wish you were here to hear our January and February speakers - take a look at the CHQG website.
    Miss you.

  5. Sorry to hear your hubby is in pain but hope it will subside soon. My DH will be having a hip replacement hopefully before the end of the year or early next year. Gotta keep em going! The quilting on the unicorn looks great! Your GD will love it! What a great guild meeting for your DGD to attend with you, sounds like you both enjoyed it very much!

  6. For sure Abby will love her unicorn pillow; it is adorable! What a special treat for your other granddaughter who went to your guild meeting with you to hear about work being done for the area of the world where she had time as a child. I'm sure it was of great interest to her. That Christmas quilt is going to be a beauty! Have fun with it; Christmas will be here before we know it! ---"Love"