Friday, August 2, 2019


Yesterday I went to the Yamhill County Fair in McMinnville, Oregon (where I live).  I had entered 2 wall hangings and wanted to see them plus whatever else was there.

I won a 3rd place ribbon for this one (the Merry Christmas wall hanging).

I won a blue ribbon and Best of Show for this one!
Do you believe that these next 2 pictures show all the quilts that were entered in the fair this year?  I was kind of shocked!  There aren't usually a lot more than these, but this is the least I have seen in the last 5 years.  Probably one reason is that they don't really have a very good system for displaying them so you can see the whole quilt.  Too bad.  

A friend of mine entered this gourd and won a blue ribbon.  

The wolves are on the back of the same gourd.

There were a lot of gourds and I like seeing them.  Here are a few more.


It's fun to see the animals.

This pig is really PINK!! (as it should be)

The state fair is held in Salem which isn't too far away, so I'm thinking about entering a different quilt in that fair.  Do any of my readers enter their quilts in their state fair?  Also, do you enter the same quilt in several different fairs or shows?


  1. Congratulations on your ribbons! I think your quilts are beautiful, so the judges made good decisions! My county fair has the same display problem. It was an aggravated point of discussion at many guild meetings, but was essentially banging our heads into a wall because no one there had any affiliation with the fair. And all the animals are fun to see, too.

  2. County fairs are every quilter's lament it seems. I would never think of entering anything in our county fair, the facility appears to have no security whatsoever and they mash all the "home" exhibits into one small room, some of the quilts aren't even opened up for viewing, etc. Our state fair is well over 2 hours from here so I don't bother there either. That said, congratulations on your ribbons and I hope your quilt does well at the state fair. I also loved seeing the gourds entered in the fair, especially the butterfly one.

  3. Yay for the best of show ribbon!!
    I've never even been to the the Oregon state fair!!

  4. Congratulations on your winning quilt! wow! good for you.
    I loved seeing those amazing gourds. what artistry !
    cute pig too - fairs are so fun. Ours is in September

  5. Congrats on your ribbons.
    That is a very low turnout for quilts. Aren't there many guilds in your area? Does the fair need more publicity among them?
    I don't know that I will see a single gourd at our county fair this weekend.
    The animals are always fun to see, though since I live on a farm, it is a common sight. :)

  6. County fairs are so fun, wish we had a good one here. Congratulations on winning your ribbons. I love the Christmas on with the car and camper, so cute!

  7. Congratulations on your well-deserved ribbons. I entered quilts in the Iowa State Fair this year. It's a first for me, and I was on the fence about it, but a fair booster in our guild made a very good case for entering just to get a nice exhibit to showcase quiting in general.