Friday, July 19, 2019


Monday I decided to go to the LQS to see if they were finished fixing my sewing machine (because I am aware they they don't always call very soon after they are finished with the repairs).  Yea!!  It was done and it is working great!  

The first thing I knew I needed to do was quilt a couple table runners.  I had seen a quilt at the LQS that had wavy lines sewn close together and decided to try it.    I like the way it looks, but it takes a long time to fill in the whole table runner - about 48" long.

I also quilted this patriotic Ohio Star table runner.

On my design wall is this "Cinderella Pumpkins" designed by Karen Walker at that will be a wall hanging.  I got some work on it when I was using my Featherweight to do piecing while my Janome was in the shop.

 I also made a couple blocks for this quilt "Pineapple Nine Patch" which is in the book Geometric Gems by Cathy Wierzbicki.  It's back in it's box now for a while.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like those pineapple blocks. They're just different enough from the traditional pattern to be interesting. And I am truly glad you have your machine back. That can be so annoying!

  2. So glad you got your machine back. Looks like you've put it to good use! I really like that last one! ---"Love"

  3. Look at all you have accomplished.
    I especially like the dragonfly fabric, and those pineapple blocks.

  4. Yeah! The machine is home! I have a spare machine but when my good one is in the shop I can't wait to get it back. The old machine works fine but it is so different than the Brother. The curvy line stitching looks great and I love the Ohio Star runner with the fan quilting. The pumpkins are adorable! The pineapple blocks are so unique, that will be so pretty! Enjoy having you machine back!

  5. Glad to hear your machine is ready to sew!!

  6. Yay for big fan quilting looks great. So does the wavy lines.
    the cheddar pumpkins are so cute. Fall sounds good, its really really hot here.
    I've never seen that pineapple block before it is very neat!