Monday, July 1, 2019


I didn't get a lot done with strings, but here is my report for June on my Spider Web quilt top.  The first picture shows some from last month with the darker tan.  I ran out of that, so now I'm using a lighter beige color (which I will also run out of soon).  I'm following Bonnie Hunter's instructions here for making the blocks and I'm using pages from an old Medicare book for the papers.

After the beige "kite" is stuck onto the triangle with a tiny bit of glue, I start sewing strips to each side.  The following picture shows the back of the triangle with the random strips sticking out around the sides.

Here's what it looks like from the front before trimming.

And here's what it looks like after trimming!  A lot better, huh?

Here are my finished triangles for this month.  Not very many.

Well, actually, I had already sewn a few together and put them next to the "quilt top."  You can tell which ones are from this month by the lighter color.

Now that I have run out of the two solid tan & beige fabrics, I have some light colored brown that I might use.  I'm trying to use up fabric, right?  So I don't want to buy more of the solid.  I'll check (dig around in) my sewing closet to see if I can find any more brownish/tanish solids that would look good with it.  

Happy July!!


  1. It will add interest having different tans!! No need to purchase more. Love your blocks!!

  2. It may not be many, but each one counts and pretty soon you'll have enough! They're looking great!

  3. The simple construction of the blocks is surprising when you see the way they all go together. Indeed it is a pleasant surprise! I'm sure you'll find enough scraps in your bins! Stay away from those quilt shops! They will get your money before you know it! *giggle* ---"Love"

  4. That looks like its coming along really well. Quite inspired to begin another of these, I did one several years ago. Just need to find some thin paper (no shortage of scraps!).

  5. That is a great use of small pieces of fabric! The different tans and beiges will add lots more variety, too. There are some really pretty bits of fabric in those triangles!

  6. I love the beige and tans for your backgrounds. These are so much fun to make, though I didn't get around to making any in June. Hopefully this month! You are making great progress.

  7. The variety of backgrounds will just give it more depth. You are doing a great job!

  8. They look great Ruth! This quilt is going to have some real personality and what a terrific way to bust the stash and scraps.