Friday, April 19, 2019


We were out of town for about 10 days and I have gotten behind in my blog posting and reading.  But now we're back and we have recuperated from the long drive.  DH used to be a truck driver and he loves to drive, so we drove to Kansas City, Kansas area and back.  3 days each way.  It's about 1800 miles.  On the way, we drove through Sister, Oregon (and on the way back)  so I stopped to see if they had the Unicorn pattern that I had seen there last year.  I want to make the pillow for my DGD.

They did have it, and I bought it, but right now I don't know what I did with it!  I'm sure it must be here someplace and I will find it when I'm not looking for it.  As many of you know, it is the Stitchin' Post that started the outdoors quilt show in Sisters many years ago.  

I also bought some unicorn fabric by Tula Pink.

We went to Kansas to visit DS#3 and his family.  There are 2 boys, ages 8 and 10.  They are both on baseball teams and we saw 4 games that the 10 year old played in.  The picture below has him in it, but you can't really see what he looks like.  Out of the 4 games, they won one game.  But, they also won a game after we left and DGS pitched for part of it.

This is the decoration on my son & DIL's front door.

Three days there and three days home, we saw lots of mountains and in fact most of the trip we either could see mountains or we were traveling in them.  Some beautiful scenery such as the photo below, which was taken from the car with my cell phone.  You can't see it very clearly, but there are snow capped mountains in the distance.  We saw lots of snow capped peaks on the trip.

DH told me that I could fly if I wanted to, but I didn't see the point of spending more money to fly when he was driving.  I didn't mind most of the trip except the day that he drove over 1,000 miles (because we left late on the first day and we wanted to get there in time for a baseball game on the 3rd day).  We did make it in time, by the way.

Here are the 3 blocks for the Quirky Little Quilt Along.  I went to my HST collection, which I have divided into baggies for each different size and found some that I could use so all I had to do is sew them together.

Happy Easter!


  1. Sounds like a nice trip. My husband and I love to take road trips as well. I have a niece that lives in Bend Oregon and she keeps inviting us there. I want to go when the Sisters Quilt show is going on. Hope your found your pattern

  2. A long drive! I am glad you found your pattern that you needed...and your quirky blocks are just adorable!

  3. So glad for you that you got to make such a fun trip! Sounds like fun, from fabric and quilting to family and especially the GS and baseball! Lots of beautiful scenery along those trails for sure! Glad you had a safe trip too. ---"Love"

  4. Sorry --- I hit Publish too soon. Your little blocks are so cute! Glad you didn't have to start from the beginning for them. ---"Love"

  5. That is a LOT of driving. But it looks like you had some great scenery and good times with family.
    Hope your pattern turns up soon. I just recently found the Christmas gift I had purchased for my oldest granddaughter, and then couldn't find at Christmastime. :)

  6. wow that is a long drive! looks like you had a great time. fun fabric and cute door hang.
    sweet little blocks for the sew along.

  7. Happy Easter to you and yours! Love your little blocks!

  8. That may have been a lot of driving for the hubby, but also a lot of riding for you! While I love the scenery, getting out to stretch my legs is also a good thing! But it's good you got to see family and I'm sure the kids loved having their grandparents at the ball games. The blocks are sweet and isn't it nice when you have scraps you can use?!

  9. That's a lot of miles but worth it to spend time with family. That's gorgeous Tula Pink fabric.