Wednesday, April 24, 2019


After our Easter dinner, DS Dan said he wanted a picture of the 3 generations of men since 2 of them had suits on.  DH put on a jacket and we took pictures in the front yard.  BTW, Dan played the piano at our church service and Jakob played the organ at the First Baptist Church in town.  We had a beautiful day!!  Of course, we missed the other men and women in the family that live far away.

DH Rich, DS#1 Dan and DGS#1 Jakob
I forgot to add this to my trip post.  When I saw this on the kitchen wall from a distance at our DS#3's home, it looked like a quilt.  Closer up I could see that it was lizards colored and glued onto construction paper.

Here's a closer look at it.  They all fit together without any spaces between them my 10 year old grandson made it.  I wonder if this would be hard to make as a quilt?

Yay!  I found the unicorn pattern!  I plan to make the one with the rainbow mane.

I got the new AQS magazine and love this bird wall hanging.  I'm thinking about making it, but having 2nd thoughts.  After "Skill Level" it says "Easy!"  After reading through the instructions, it doesn't look easy to me.  Plus it will take many trips to various shops (this is the good part) to find the
pieces of fabrics for it - 6" to 12" squares of 16 to 18 cuttable fabrics for the bird!!! as an example.

What do you think?  Do you think it would be fun or a chore?

I'm quilting a patriotic round robin which will be donated at the May guild meeting.  I'm about half way done.

I'm also quilting the Quirky little quilt from the Temecula quilt-along.  This was a fun little project.

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  1. i would think if you tweak the lizards a bit you could come up with a tessellating pattern....

  2. So wonderful to have generations photos! I love your little Temecula project. Actually, all those other ones look complicated to these aging eyes, but also very interesting.

  3. A handsome Easter photo of the men.
    Do they call that tessellation when a shape fits together like those reptiles?
    That will be a beautiful unicorn--are you making the pillow or a whole quilt of the rainbow maned creatures?
    The bird wallhanging is beautiful, but if it involves applique of any form (which I don't know how it could be done without it), it would be a chore to me. :)
    Love your Quirky Little Quilt.

  4. I recently did a Laura Heine workshop, lots of fun. I already had a pattern, and so am stuck finishing an enormous elephant. I recommend if you want to try the technique, and the bird looks relatively simple, then go for it!

  5. Handsome chaps indeed! Those lizards are clever and yes you could probably machine applique them. Such a pretty unicorn. Is it for someone special? That bird doesn't look easy to me but if you fancy a challenge then give it a go. Nice work on the partiotic quilt and the wee one is a charmer.

  6. That's a good looking bunch of guys! Glad you found your pattern, but I really hope you aren't bonkers enough to try those lizards! I can't even imagine! However, it is quite a work of art! So is the round robin quilt, and your smaller piece is very pretty too. ---"Love"

  7. That is a nice photo of your men, it's great to have such fun photos. The lizard picture is so interesting, bet you can come up with a way to make it into a quilt. I have looked at that unicorn pattern several times, I have a GD who loves unicorns, too. Your quilt projects are looking great!

  8. What a wonderful photo to have - three generations all together! I think my mom forgot her annual herding of family into a photo this year, and I'm okay with that. (They always turn out goofy because most of us refuse to take it seriously!) The lizards are pretty cool, but I'm not sure how hard they would be to make into a quilt. English paper piecing maybe? Or fusible applique? I can't imagine turning all those wacky inside points with traditional piecing! And the bird is really neat. You should try it! Oh, and the unicorn - such fun. Any young girl would love that. (And maybe some older ones, too...)

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. The bird looks fun to me! The lizard tessellation I've seen somewhere= Jinny Byer? You have a lot going on! Enjoy!

  10. The lizards are originally from the artist Escher. You could look it up, if you like. He made more paintings like that.