Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I finished quilting this jungle wall hanging today, but it's still not finished.  I need to bind it and will get to that later.  I wanted to share something that I think is really exciting.

I joined the American Quilter Society a couple years ago and have been receiving their magazine 6 times per year (I think).  It is a great magazine and one of my favorite parts is Lori Kennedy's "My Line" article.  If you haven't seen her quilting designs, you need to check out her blog here.

Her article in the January 2019 issue caught my attention because it was a fish design.  I've used some of her designs before (I don't remember if I had told you all about who invented them or not).  It is amazing to me how easy they are to follow.  She shows what to do for each step.

I decided to quilt the fish around the border.  You can't see them very well because of the colored strips, but I took some close up pictures.  They aren't perfect, but I like them a lot.  These first 2 pictures show how I quilted the panel.  I quilted around the animals and along lines of other things, like the leaves and anything that I could follow lines on.  I didn't quilt on everything - that would have taken forever!

Maybe you can see where I quilted along the outside of the elephant and more on his ear.  Also the sea weed above and below his trunk.

 Here's a close up of a fish in the top corner of the border.

Another close-up.

The view from the back.

I hope if you are doing your own quilting, that this might give you some ideas and that you will check out Lori's blog.  

I still haven't made my goal list, but I'm thinking about it.  Maybe this week I will take a few minutes to write down a list of my UFOs.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. OH that is just gorgeous!!! How darling...lovely!

  2. That is really cute! ! ! I enjoy working with panels, they are lots of fun to play with. You did a great job with this one, so much to see.

  3. I've off-and-on subscribed to AQS as well, and have enjoyed Lori's pages in each issue, in fact, when I'm ready to pass my magazine on or toss, I'll pull out her pages to keep in a quilting idea book. You've made a really cute wall-hanging :)

  4. The quilting looks great (and the back really shows off the fish)! And I've been following Lori's blog for a while now. She makes it all seem so easy, but my brain hollers "I don't think so!" often when I see her instructions. Sometimes I do try them, though, and usually it goes well...

  5. That it such a fun wall hanging.
    I haven't seen Lori's column, but I do follow her blog. She is very clever and her instructions are nice and clear.
    The fish look nice swimming around the border of your wall hanging. :)

  6. Your quilting is fabulous Ruth - don't be so hard on yourself. I admire your adventurous spirit - you'll always give new designs a try. I've seen Lori's designs on Pinterest but should watch the videos and attempt some myself. The wall hanging is fantastic!

  7. I hadn't seen the magazine, but I have followed her blog, and I agree that she does make everything look so easy to do; she's an excellent teacher! I'm just not a very good student! I need to try harder! You definitely are an A+ student! Your work looks great! ---"Love"

  8. cute! great quilting. Great job. I follow Loris blog too.

  9. Good for you! I LOVE your quilting. It can be so much fun- and so nerve wracking at the same time. Your's looks great.