Friday, January 4, 2019


My sister gave me this panel for Christmas.  Isn't it cute?  

I'm making it into a wall hanging.  I have a quilt rack that hangs on the wall and has enough width for this wall hanging - once I finish it.  So far I have 3 borders sewn on.

I have a friend that I visit every so often.  She is older than I am and uses a walker.  Now her heart is starting to fail.  A couple months ago she showed me the blocks she had embroidered of the 50 state birds and flowers.  She didn't know what to do with them.  I offered to put them together for her and found a layout on-line that would work and had the exact same bird/flower designs.  My sister was visiting and I showed her the blocks and she helped me get them organized  so it will be put together just like the layout that I found.  We went to the LQS and I purchased blue fabric for the sashing and yesterday I started sewing the sashing onto the blocks.  I want to take them to show her and will probably do that on Monday.

She is a really sweet lady and we just hit it off because we have a lot in common.  She loves dolls and making doll clothes - like I do.  She also loves quilts.  Also loves to go to garage sales (she used to anyway), and we never lack for subjects to talk about.

Here are the blocks that I have up on my design wall so far.  Her embroidery is superb!

I hope I can get this finished soon!

I'm thinking about my goals for 2019 and might make a list.  I want to get some projects finished - of course!  Have you made a list yet?



  1. No lists for me so far. I have several projects that are close to a finish and those get done before I start anything new. I have a couple ideas for when those are finished. I guess it is a plan, I just haven't written it down yet!

    The embroidery quilt will be beautiful, it is so sweet you are putting the blocks together for your friend. Enjoy!

  2. You are a treasure Ruth! What a lovely thing to do for your friend. She has made some beautiful embroideries and your plan to make them into a quilt for her is a great idea. Your wallhanging is rather cute too! My first post for 2019 is my goal list. If I get those UFOs done them I can start a new project.

  3. A friend of mine finished that same panel into a baby quilt for our quilt ministry. She added an extra layer of batting behind the elephant before quilting everything, and it looks fabulous. I love what you are doing with your friend's beautiful blocks. Perfect. No list for me, just day to day seeing what I can get done.

  4. That will be a beautiful quilt. They are gorgeous blocks! So nice of you to do that for her.
    I have a few elderly friends that I enjoy visiting, as well. We either enjoy the same kinds of books, movies, or crafts, or even sense of humor. One of them is in rehab right now after a serious bout of the flu. Hope she gets home soon!

  5. Your friend is going to love you and her quilt so much! It will be beautiful with her pretty embroidery and the blue sashings. I have not made a list, and really don't plan to. I do have a few ideas in mind, and hope to get started, slowly, maybe week after next. I am still planning on cleaning a room at a time, slowly also, and getting rid of a lot of sheet junk! I need to see some empty spaces! ---"Love"

  6. Oh I LOVE your bird blocks. They are just fabulous. It will be such a pretty setting too! I've always loved the state flower and bird embroidery.
    Very cute panel
    Happy New Year

  7. That is so wonderful that you will set those lovely embroidery blocks!! That blue is really pretty.
    I usually make a list, but haven't done it yet.

  8. Quilting friends are the best. Even with the age gap- or perhaps because of it- the conversation never lacks for interest.

  9. It's very kind of you to assembles these beautiful blocks for your friend.
    No list here. I like crossing things off as I get things done, but I have found that it introduces guilt into my quilting when I inevitably fall behind. I want my sewing time to be guilt-free and fun!