Monday, October 1, 2018


There was a special exhibit of these quilted kimonos.  This is some of them.

A few more quilts that were judged.

This is my favorite quilt from the whole show.  It is very small, but I just love it!

There were 2 little old ladies who were trying to get a picture of this quilt with a flip phone, but didn't know how to do it, so they asked for my help.  I was lucky to be able to figure out how to take the picture, but didn't know how to actually see the picture on the phone to determine if it turned out OK.  I hope it turned out!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you enjoyed the show!


---"Love" said...

That last picture is adorable! Thanks for sharing more of the show; lots of pretty quilts there. Glad you got to go! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

I recently watched a documentary on owls, so that owl quilt really grabbed me.
The photo replica is incredible.
But those little birdies peeking out from the hat really left me smiling. :)

R & E said...

Wow - what a show YOU gave us - thank you so much! Elaine Adai

a good yarn said...

That owl one reimds me of Theri's bird quilts. Stunning!

Marsha B said...

The quilted kimono are beautiful!!! All of the quilts are so special and I also thought of Theri when I saw the owl. Just amazing!