Tuesday, May 8, 2018


The quilt guild that I belong to has done Round Robins for several years.  This year we made "patriotic" round robins and they were returned to us at our April meeting so that we can finish them by our May meeting on May 14.  They will be donated to veterans after our May meeting.  Below is the one I started with the flag panel in the middle.  These are lap quilts for veterans who are sick.

The flying eagle fabric was on part of the back.

When we were in Galena, Illinois about 3 weeks ago, I bought the poppy fabric and the table runner pattern.  I showed you the poppy fabric a couple posts ago.  I wanted to see how this table runner was made and how it would turn out.  I really like it!  I plan to make it again with some other fabric.

 For the backing I used a toile that I had gotten at a garage sale!

We have been having beautiful weather this past week and I have spent a lot of time in the yard pulling weeds, etc.  Hopefully, that chore will be finished soon.  My body can't take much more!!

Happy spring!


  1. The patriotic round robin turned out great, and the eagle backing is gorgeous! I really like the poppy fabric too and the toile backing, and the pattern is beautiful and new to me. You did a great job on the table runner. I'm taking it slower on yard work, but I do try to pull at least two handsful of little thistles and those wild carrots with all the little stickers everyday when I feed the birds. I'm about to get both under control. ---"Love"

  2. What a great idea for the round robin quilts! (Wondering if my guild would like a similar challenge?) And the table runner is beautiful! I love the curves and the fabrics you chose.

  3. Love the round robin quilt, great idea to donate it them,will have to give that idea to my guild. The table runner pattern is great, could you share the name of pattern and designer?

  4. That is a great idea for round robin quilts!
    What a fresh, pretty table runner. Were the curves hard to manage?
    I haven't attempted any weeding yet. My gardens will be overrun by the time I get to them.

  5. I like the patriotic RR! I may need to do that on my blog, then have everyone donate to a veteran's charity.
    The table runner is fantastic!!