Saturday, February 10, 2018


I have definitely been busy this week and want to show you some of my finishes.  This first one was kind of fun.  My neighbor (also walking and craft show partner) and I will be participating in more craft shows this year.  She has been sewing up a storm and I have too.  I got an idea in the middle of the night and here is the first one that I made.  The Route 66 wall hanging - for men.  We'll see if anyone wants to buy it.  The sign is hand embroidered.

Place mats are a popular item, so I made a set of four "chicken" themed place mats and have other fabrics set aside for more.

A year or so ago I bought this panel at a quilt show and finally put it together and quilted it.  I like how it turned out and am considering sewing beads on the wreath (not real excited about doing it though).

Here's the back.

Close up of the quilting.  You can't really see the quilting on the large snow flakes, but I quilted over the design in gold thread.  The rest of the quilting is with red thread.

Yesterday I finished the churn dash swap blocks that Barb has organized.   I made 44 pink blocks and 22 black blocks.  I only have 1 black one in the picture because I had already put the batch of 22 in a baggie.

Here's a close up that shows the fabric better.  I'm glad I didn't run out of the pink fabric.  I bought one yard and just barely had enough to make the 44 6 1/2" blocks!  I think this is the 4th block swap that I have done with Barb and I still haven't made anything with 2 of the other swaps.

I love churn dash blocks!  Are any of you participating?  Thanks, Barb, for organizing this!  Have a great weekend everyone.  Try to squeeze in some sewing.


Katie said...

I love the Route 66 quilt! I think my dad would, too! I think you're onto something with that. The little churn dashes are wonderful and the wreath is great without the beads from here! (I understand the lack of wanting to sew them on!)

Chantal said...

I am sure you will sell Route 66. It is so beautiful and perfect for a man. Love the chicken placemats too. Some beads on the wreath would be so beautiful. Yes, you have to do it.
I am participating in the Churn Dash swap with Barb. Don't search my blog for my blocks just yet. I haven't started, ha! Enjoy! ;^)

---"Love" said...

I'm sure some guy will grab that Route 66 piece! I love how you quilted it; it looks like pavement at the bottom. The chicken placemats are cute too. Your quilting on the snow flake panel is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure all those items will go in a hurry at a craft show! ---"Love"

Janet O. said...

Somebody will snatch that Route 66!
I especially love your quilting on the red snowflake panel--beautiful!