Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Last week I drew the January scrap challenge paper out of the jar and got "Do something with men's shirts bin."  That was not the one I wanted for January, but being the obedient follower that I am, I dug into the bin of men's shirts.  And, first I tried to come up with an easy way to use them.  I decided to cut 6 1/2" squares because that is how wide my ruler is.  Then I cut them on the diagonal so I could make HSTs.

Here is what I have left after I put together a quilt top measuring 44" x 55".  I will probably border it with larger 6 1/2" by whatever blocks to make a lap quilt or maybe a picnic quilt or I could use them as a backing for another quilt.  At least I have something going with the shirt fabric.  I will probably keep some of the triangles handy to stitch together between other projects and maybe I can use them all up.  I will NOT be getting any more shirts!!

I also quilted my Palmateer Point quilt with Baptist fans.

I've been sick with a cold/sinus infection since Friday and am going stir crazy.


  1. Pretty finishes and you’ve processed the shirts. Yay!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, hope you're feeling better soon! Your shirt top is a great way to use up those shirts. I don't think I'd go out collecting them either, too much work taking them apart and dealing with worn areas, etc. Your Palmateer Point is lovely, Baptist Fan quilting always seems the perfect choice with vintage designs.

  3. Your Palmateer Point quilt is very pretty, and your shirt quilt is just fine! Don't fret over it. I bet you'll use it more than you think when finished. I'm freezing today! 18 degrees at 10 AM, 20 at 2 PM. TXU sent message to lower thermostats to save the grid tomorrow morning because it will be even colder tomorrow all day! I still can't get motivated; just want to sit and rub my hands together to warm them. Guess what else I'm still doing! ---"Love"

  4. Love the quilting on Palmateer point! I also really like what you did with the shirts- nice job! Feel better soon!!

  5. Love your shirt quilt top--love all the colors and patterns--good job!!
    and what a pretty Palmateer Point quilt--
    get better--soon--

  6. We all have our comfort zones, don't we? I love working with shirt fabrics--but I don't love cutting up the shirts! I think your shirt quilt looks wonderful!
    Oh, the border on your Palmateer Point really sets it off beautifully! Nice job.

  7. Oh Ruth, I am sorry to learn that you have a sinus infection and cold. Not fun at all and I wish you a speedy recovery. You certainly made “lemonade” from your “lemons”. The Palmateer Point quilt looks great too.

  8. what a nice plaid quilt. I took a workshop with Roberta Horton many years ago using plaids.....I wonder where that one is, lol
    yay for baptist fan quilting - it looks great on your SAL quilt.

  9. I love how all the plaids play well together, the HST's make a very pretty quilt. Palmateer Point is a wonderful quilt. I love all the fabrics you used. The Baptist fan quilting is great.

    Hope you are feeling better, DH and I are just getting over a bout of the flu. We both had the flu shot several months ago!