Tuesday, January 23, 2018


My first finish of 2018 is Palmateer Point!  It was quilted in my last post, but now it is bound.

Today I basted two quilts:  a log cabin table runner and a Christmas wall hanging.  I want to get a head start on December.  This wall hanging was purchased at a quilt show a couple years ago.

I have also been working on Barb's block exchange and have the first 22 6" churn dash blocks finished.  I love these blocks!

I have shown these scrappy blocks before  (Charming Squares Quilt from Moda Bake Shop) and decided to put them up on the design wall so I could see if I have enough.  I decided I need to make one more row of 4 blocks so it will be big enough for a twin size bed.  I will add 2" white sashing and that will make it 88" x 56" without the border.  The blocks use 5" charm squares, which I had an abundance of random ones left over from other projects, and they are fun to make.

I am feeling much better than I was in my last post and think I'm over the "creeping crud."  How is your January going?


  1. First I want to say how I love your blog header picture. What an amazing quilt. I am loving the border and binding on your Palmateer Point quilt too. Its never too early to start working on next December/Christmas projects. Time seems to be flying by faster and faster all the time. So happy you are feeling better. At our home and at my husbands work the flu bugs have been being passed around. I have been ill off and on since the New Year.

  2. Your border for Palmateer Point is fabulous, perfect for that little quilt. Glad to hear you are already working nearly a year ahead! It's never really too early, just hard to find time for another start sometimes!

  3. Your first 2018 finish is very pretty, and your quilting looks great! I really like your scrappy stars too. It's nice to know someone is making progress this year; I still have not sewn a stitch! I woke up sick as a dog Sunday morning and haven't been able to do anything since; haven't even packed any more Christmas! Things have got to change, and soon! So that's how my 2018 is going; not too good! ---"Love"

  4. I love your Palmateer Point. So striking with the gold fabric against the dark blue. Wow. The Log Cabin blocks look so small. It's gorgeous. I have signed up for Barb's swap again this year. Love your blocks. I need to go shopping as I have nothing in my stash that would fit the bill nicely. The scrappy blocks will make a beautiful, colorful quilt. ;^)

  5. Congrats on your first finish of the year.
    I think getting things basted is a big victory. I often stall before that is accomplished.
    I tell myself I am going to make those star blocks someday, but someday hasn't come yet. :)

  6. The border for Palmateer Point is so pretty, perfect for your little quilt! The backing fabric is very pretty, too.

    I love all the little log cabin blocks, I need to make a log cabin quilt. Yours is so cute! Getting them basted is a big step to having a finish. Your churn dash blocks look great, it's one of my favorite blocks. Those stars are so gorgeous, I love scrappy. They will make a wonderful quilt!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. We have been sick here and it is no fun! I have lots of projects I want to work on, just have to make the time and organize to get them done!

  7. great finish on the SAL love those fans!
    our swap blocks are beautiful and I Iove the fabric. I'm going to be really sad that I didn't do repro this year :)
    the charming squares are charming

  8. Delighted to read that you are on the mend Ruth. I have gone out in sympathy and have a doctors appt next week for som antibiotics. I feel likemive been kicked in the face my a grumpy pony. Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Dear Jane when I open your blog? It’s nice to have projects in various stages of completion. Plenty to keep you out of mischief!

  9. Yay! For your 2018 first finish!! I love it!!
    I really adore the scrappy blocks! Happy Friday!

  10. Good idea to make more blocks for the quilt. I feel I have made way too many quilts that aren't bed size. I love my smaller quilts for just display but I am not sure they are going to be something family would want as heirlooms or reminders of me when I am gone.

  11. I'm glad you are feeling better. I am impressed with how many projects you are making progress on all at once. The border printon the first quilt, as well as the strped binding, are a perfect frame for a pretty quilt. I look forward to seeing your quilting on the two basted projects too.