Thursday, August 10, 2017


After taking a break, I'm back to quilting Dear Jane.  I have been agonizing over how to quilt some of the 5" blocks in the middle section.  I quilted a bunch of random blocks that I could make a decision on.  When I took it out this time, I decided to work on the border.  I saw someone's quilt that was quilted with feathers and decided to do that.  First, I had to mark the scallops and I found a bowl just the right size.

If you look closely at the bottom, you can see the printing which says, "Blue Bell Creamery, Handmade in Texas."  It's a perfect ice cream bowl!

So I marked the scallops with a pencil and then I indicated the half-way point at the bottom of the triangles with a dot.

First, I quilted the pieced triangles and I could go from one to the next without stopping and starting, which was great.

The solid fabric triangles are done the same way, but I quilted some short feathers in the scallops and I could also do these triangles without starting and stopping!

Here's what the back looks like.  I am quilting without marking the quilt except for the dot as shown.  The feathers are free hand and you can tell it isn't a professional job since they are irregular and squiggly.  

The bottom of the thread cone looks about right for marking the little extra corner scallop!  And, BTW, I'm using Superior Threads So Fine! #403 for the top and Essential Pro Natural from Connecting Threads for the bobbin.  The colors are pretty close, but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough of the Superior Threads cone to do both top and bottom with it.

So, now, I'm trying to come up with a name for the quilt.  Or should I just call it Dear Jane?


  1. I think you should name it something with "dear jane" in the name. I cannot remember what Claudia named hers.

    Maryln and I are going to the Plano Quilt Show tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the quilts - but not all the walking. I printed the list of vendors - and there are many I've not heard of; many I have. Of course, I do not NEED anything. I really want to work on quilts I have started.

    I am also working on a cross stitch. I cannot locate the pattern at the moment but it speaks to loving to start a new project before finishing the old ones.

    Have you been lacking in rain as has Seattle, WA? Heard it's one of the driest years for them. We have had enough so that Ed has only had to water twice. That's good because I keep hearing that the water bills have gone up.

    Take care. Kathy

  2. I think after the quilt is finished and washed you will never notice any possibly wobbly feathers, they will just nestle nicely into the fabric and never be noticed again except for the lovely texture they impart. I couldn't think of any other name for this if I tried, so whatever strikes your fancy should be absolutely the right name!

  3. Indeed, that is a perfect ice cream bowl! (From Texas for those of you who do not know.) Your quilting looks darn near perfect to me too, especially with it all freehand and no marking! I imagine by the time you finish quilting that big quilt, you will be ready to name it "Dear Jane! Why did I want to start this thing?" But you will have a huge treasure for sure! (Most of the time I use Essential Pro thread from Connecting Threads too.) ---"Love"

  4. I think the feathers look really good. And I love the make do method of marking--just whatever works. Great! :)

  5. I think your quilting is tops Ruth. Feathers look so good and your designs work really well with the blocks. I've seen some DJ quilts names after the place the quilter comes from. What about Remembering Dear Jane in (your town)?

  6. Hello from Blue Bell Country..... Texas.... I am sure there are many in Brenham that would love that bowl.

    There there are many quilters that would love to be where you are on their once in a lifetime quilt. I am excited for you.

    A wee wine.... finding the comment box is hard on old eyes, pale green on turquoise just does not show much. How about black on turquoise?

  7. Quilting looks wonderful...I am so impressed.

  8. Congratulations on your persistence and inventiveness. How about "Dear Jane, from Texas to Oregon" for a title? The quilt has traveled a distance to be completed and reflects the journey that you took.

  9. Love that bowl. I remember being introduced to Blue Bell ice-cream when we lived in Texas.

  10. I love hearing of your progress on DJ. Your quilted feathers look great to me and a wobble here or there just adds a little more character to your quilt! Enjoy the process!

  11. Hello from Brenham,Tx home of Blue Bell. Hubby born across the dirt road from the original BB creamery. Wish I had started a Dear Jane years ago...LOL. Maybe some day, a treasure to achieve. Yours is wonderful.